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Socks for Jen

Long car rides, like the one to Gettysburg, make for great knitting opportunities.  I finished a pair of socks on the way down – just in time to make 9 finished pairs by the end of June.  These also make my first finished pair for Summer of Socks 09.


These are for my sister-in-law, Jen.  Her birthday was a few weeks ago so technically they are late.  But since she didn’t know I was making them, I figure it’s okay.  Plus, this is her first ever pair of handknit socks and I think she’ll find they were worth waiting for.


I cannot remember what the yarn is.  I know I didn’t buy it so it was either from a swap or it was an outright gift from a reader.  I’m pretty sure it was handdyed by the sender and I wish I could remember who gave it to me.  It’s gorgeous!  The colors didn’t pool at all and it knit up beautifully.


Happy Birthday, Jen!  Wear ’em in good health!

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  1. those are gorgeous.
    I’ve been a little scared to try to knit socks… maybe I should venture out and give them a go.

  2. And I was all set to run out and buy a bit of that beautiful yarn. I guess your memory lapse was at least good for my wallet. Nice job on the socks.

  3. Lovely!! I need ginger, my magic wristbands and clear highway to be able to knit in the car without losing my lunch so I’m very impressed!

  4. Those are fabulous! I wish I could claim that was the yarn I dyed for you, but it’s not: mine was much greener.

  5. Very pretty socks. They look a lot like the Fiesta Boomerang ones I knit a while back. The colors are very close.

  6. Nice socks. That yarn is just lovely, such pretty blues. I am sure they will be highly appreciated.

  7. I hope she loves them. If she doesnt, you just send them over here to me. I LOVE THEM. My sock mojo is somewhere in a drawer I think. I am not worried, I am engrossed in other knitting currently. I have so much sock yarn………enjoy your fourth as well. KNitting on tap for me AND work. 🙂 Little firecrackers being born all the time.

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