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The Peacemaker

Remember the day we visited the Edward Gorey Museum? We also stopped in Plymouth that day. The plan was to have dinner but the harbor was so socked in with fog that I just couldn’t see paying for a view that we couldn’t even enjoy. It wasn’t a wasted trip, though, as there was a tall ship in the harbor.


This ship, owned by the religious group The Twelve Tribes, is called The Peacemaker.  Apparently the group hopes to promote understanding of their lifestyle by sailing this ship around the country and inviting people to come aboard. I may or may not agree with their religion but I definitely enjoyed seeing this ship.


The ship is a three-masted barquentine, if you know anything about ships. According to an article in The Boston Globe, the ship is made of Brazilian Ipe ironwood with mahogany cabins, doors, and furnishings. Commissioned but never finished in the 1980s by a Brazilian industrialist, the vessel was purchased in 2000 by the Twelve Tribes for an unknown sum. The group raised and rigged the sturdy extruded aluminum masts which, along with twin 400-horsepower diesel engines, global positioning equipment, and electronic charts provide modern stability and security.


I’m sure that’s all fascinating but it doesn’t mean much to me – I was just impressed with the beauty of the ship.


And the comfort of the cabin. There was this beautiful “living room”, a huge master bedroom, a smaller bedroom, and a well appointed bathroom.


Even though it is thoroughly modern, it looks like a ship from days of yore. The mahogany is gorgeous and so rich looking.


And there’s rope. Lots and lots of rope.

I wish it had been a gorgeous sunny day as I think a blue sky and sea would make a much better backdrop for these photos.  Days like that have been few and far between around here, though, so I’m just happy that it wasn’t raining.

After the ship left Plymouth it went to Boston to participate in Sail Boston ’09. As beautiful as this ship is, the ones in Boston were even more spectacular. But you know the lines for boarding the ships in Boston were pretty spectacular, too, so I’m content with our impromptu tall ship visit to Plymouth.

One last thing – unrelated to this post but very important – JessaLu is having a contest.  She’s so excited about her box bags going to Sock Summit that she’s giving away a bag to one of her readers.  If you go over there and tell her “Carole sent me” then we both get a chance.  Plus, last time she did this Margene sent loads of people over there and I’d like to kick her ass send more people than she did.  Okay – go!  And thanks.

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  1. ooohhhh pretty!! Thanks for the mention! Good luck! hehe

    (and I kicked the server…er I mean fixed the hotlink so people can leave comments again. Sorry about that…)

  2. Are you throwing down the gauntlet? 😉 Good luck friend, I hope you win because I have one of her awesome bags!!
    I tried to comment earlier. Glad the blog is fixed. LOVE the ship and you know I love Plymouth, too.

  3. Oh my. The Power of Carole going against The Power of Margene. I may need ice cream for this one. *L*

    Beautiful boat photos.

  4. What a ship!

    One more for Carole, (but Margene is my friend, too). Maybe between the two of you we’ll get it up to 100 comments, and then there will be another prize.

  5. What a gorgeous ship! The coolest thing I ever got to do was take a sail on a tall ship on Lake Michigan in grad school.

  6. So glad already entered the contest so I don’t have to choose between Team Carole and team Margene. 😉 The ship is gorgeous by the way.

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