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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

swing batter batter

One of my favorite summer time activities is to go to a local ball game.  We are fortunate to have The Brockton Rox only 10 minutes away and Dale and I try to go as often as we can.  You can see that there aren’t a lot of people in the stands.  I’m truly surprised that more people don’t go to these games.

third base

The baseball itself isn’t spectacular but it’s entertaining and there are usually a few good plays in every game.  Plus there are all kinds of crazy things happening between innings.  Samurai wrestlers.  T-shirt give aways.  Launch a ball.  The Rox’s slogan is Fun is Good and they certainly do it up right.

dale and the chicken

Here’s Dale, eating some chicken tenders – we both really like the chicken at the Rox games.  Here’s what we don’t both like – sitting behind the net at home plate.  Dale prefers these seats because he is paranoid about getting hit by a foul ball. I like to watch a ball game without the filter of a net and I’d rather take my chances.  I finally had him convinced that we could try sitting closer to 3rd base at our next game and then we saw a guy get nailed in the face at this last game.   There was blood everywhere and it looked like he broke his nose.  I guess we’ll be sitting behind the net from now on.

beer toast

But that’s okay.  Because (even from behind the net) there’s nothing better on a hot summer night than baseball in a beautiful stadium, with reasonably priced tickets, good food and cheap beer. You can’t ask for more than that, really.

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  1. We have a AA team for the Indians here in Akron with a net. Be grateful my dear. I was hit in the left boob by a line drive (first pitch of the game) 3 years ago. It went immeadiately numb so I stayed for the whole game!! Next day I was black and blue from under my chin to my waist and went to the er. The dr. was a little tiny woman who said “Betcha were sitting on the 3rd base line right?” I said “were you there?” “No she said, but my husband and I always sit on the3rd base line ..but we carry mitts hoping to get a ball!” Now we only get tickets for behind the net.

  2. not having grown up in the US, baseball confuses me, but the games I have been too are great for the cracker jacks and the crowd.

  3. While I prefer to take my chances at a game too, it is not a good plan for the inattentive. I have seen a few people get clocked, and one spent several days in the hospital. There really isn’t much defense against a hard hit ball except…. DUCK!

  4. As I’ve said before, you two have the best life. I wish…

    When we lived in Chicago, DD and I used to go watch the girls’ softball games and the adults’ slow-pitch ball games down at the park on Fullerton. Food from Demon Dogs and lots of laughter.

  5. I really like the Lowell Spinners, who are about 20 minutes up the road from us. They’re the Sox’s single-A affiliate, and we’ve seen a rehab start or two by Sox players.

    (At the moment I am thoroughly disgusted with the Sox, and have made yet another announcement that they are a pathetic excuse for a baseball team and I am never rooting for them again. We’ll see how long I last this time.)

  6. What fun! We catch the Orleans Cardinals (now called the Firebirds) when we go to the Cape. That’s where Jason Varitek played many years ago. Low key and fun. No bleachers- chairs in the grass.

  7. I share Dale’s fear of getting hit. It doesn’t bother me when I’m high up in the stands. But when I’m close I watch every ball to see where it’s going. Takes the fun out of it. 🙂

  8. Sounds fun Carole. We have a minor league team here in Lancaster (the Barnstormers) & Iove going to games – for the same reasons you mentioned. 🙂

  9. It sounds like fun! We go to a lot of the local men’s softball and wooden bat league games here because my son plays. We really enjoy it too.

  10. We love minor league games. They’re cheap and you’re totally right about all the fun stuff that goes on at them. I’m surprised more people don’t go to them.

  11. We should go to more local games. Sounds like fun — except the beer, which gives me the mother of all stomach aches.

  12. There’s a rock star in the stands! 😀

    Looks like a fun night for you two. I’m glad you’re behind the net. A broken nose would not be fun.

  13. Did you sing “Take me out to the ball game?” I love that song – makes me tear up a bit!! Looks like great fun!

  14. This comment has nothing to do with baseball (go Phils!) or knitting…

    I really love the color you have on your nails right now, Carol!

  15. Carol

    i learned alot about you in the next post ! It was fun to learn.

    I too love a good game. I like to watch chicago 16 inch softball in our neighborhoods. I was spoiled yesterday however, we went to Wrigley for the Cubbie game.

  16. I agree – we like to take in the New Britain Rock Cats games – very fun & entertaining.
    Have to admit I’m with Dale on where to sit – I just finished reading “Heart of the Game” by S.L. Price – it is very moving and a great read.

  17. My Wife and I have the (Tri-City Valleycats) Single A (Short season) for the Astros and have yet to go to a game this year… Just a month left on the season… gotta go with both our knitting 😉

  18. You should be grateful they have that net. The pitchers are really not that good! But it is a fun night out. And so convenient and cheap. We haven’t been yet this summer–I’ll have to remind Phil.

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