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Happy Labor Day

asters and bee

It’s Labor Day here and that means no work for me.  I’ll be knitting a super secret project and watching Season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy.

Dale, on the other hand, will be laboring as he will be painting the garage.

Sometimes it’s good to be a girl.

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  1. I like your thinking – putting someone else to work is far better than working yourself! Enjoy your day off and happy knitting!

  2. Yeah for husbands working in the garage! Tell Dale that Jon is cleaning out the garage which is much worse (in Jon’s mind) than painting it! Have fun on the project! I will be crocheting on the Babette which is all a part of the secret here!!

  3. love your plans for the day 😉
    There might be some knitting happening here abouts as well – as I am joining you in a day completely free of work (unless you count laundry, grocery store and vaccuming.. heh heh)
    great photo!

  4. You can cook him a great meal so he won’t mind a bit! 🙂
    The green in that photo is so lush! This summer has been good for GREEN! xo

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