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Hannah The Baker

Guess who just got her first job? Yup, my girl is now working at Dunkin’ Donuts. Or Dunks, as it’s called around here.

Hannah Dunks Uniform

Doesn’t she look cute? She’s not too happy with the uniform, of course. The pants come up too high, the visor makes her forehead itch, and the shirt is too big. I told her to plaster a smile on her face and act cute and then just wait for the tips to roll in.

When I drove her to work on Tuesday I was teasing her about the old Dunkin Donuts commercials and she had no idea what I was talking about. So I did a little You Tube sleuthing and I found them. No wonder she doesn’t remember them – they are from 1983!

Ahh yes, good ole Fred the Baker. This will be Dale when he drives Hannah to her Sunday shift at 5:30 am. Time to make the donuts.

This one was always my favorite.  It still cracks me up.  Are these donuts fresh today?

Hannah Dunks Mug

Speaking of favorites . . . Hannah is much cuter than Fred the Baker, don’t you think?

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  1. Thanks for the giggle to start my day. I had completely forgotten about those commercials. I always loved that second one too. Yes, Hannah is a little bit cuter than Fed the Baker 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the job, Hannah. Just beware of eating too many “fringe benefits”…those puppies can pack on the pounds!
    (Happily licking fingers in memory of many good donuts)

  3. While aware of DD, I was a bit surprised at how ubiquitous they were in New England when visiting last week. We have none here they I’ve seen (they’ve all been supplanted by ‘organic, locally grown bagel shops’ as near as I can tell). DH would surely have pulled into a DD had there been a lass a pretty as Hannah at the counter. Hope her experience in the working world is positive.

  4. OMG – I still use that phrase when we have to get up at early o’clock for something.

    Time to make the donuts.

    Thanks for the memory lane trip. I had forgot the one with Fred in drag. 🙂

  5. Congratulations to Hannah! She looks fantastic in her new uniform. My first job was an early shift at a market. Early’s tough at first, but I grew to love it. I hope Hannah does as well.

  6. Hanna is a real supermodel.
    But as for the donuts – as I’m living in Eastern Europe and at the time of the commercials was behind the iron curtain, I can confess I had never seen those commercials and now am quite surprised. I believe nowadays it is illegal (or perhaps just in Europe) to compare one product to another specific product – like DD donuts and supermarket donuts. Sure, they don’t say WHICH supermarket, but anyway, I haven’t heard such comparisons for a long time.
    A very interesting and even educational post! Who would have thought?

  7. Oh god, those commercials! I used to think they were soooo stupid. And yet, they are definitely memorable, and a line that one can borrow for one’s own daily grind.

    Hannah looks like she should be their new poster girl. 😀

  8. Congrats, Hannah!!! I know the outfit doesn’t quite live up to your style, but it’s just like your Mom says – the tips WILL roll in. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

  9. Definitely the cutest DD girl in New England!! I daresay that I think she’ll bring up the IQ of the employees by several many notches 😉

  10. Plymouth St. or N. Bedford? Drive-up or counter? Tell me which so I can visit the right place to have Hannah hand over our box of munchkins!!

  11. go Hannah!! just blink those gorgeous eyes at people and watch that tip jar get full!
    Too funny about those videos. Gosh. I remember them all..and I still sometimes say “Time to make the donuts” as I am draggin myself out of bed early.

  12. Dear lord. 1983?!?! Am I really that old?!?! 😉 Hope Hannah gets through those early morning shifts without too much pain. Not sure if I could do it.

    Also, Hi! 🙂

  13. My husband and I still joke about those commercials…We remeber 1983 very well, as a matter of fact today in 1983 we got married. Hannah looks adorable.

  14. I love it! Congrats to Hannah on landing her first job that commits her to paying Uncle Sam!

    Gosh, I loved those commercials. They are still so fresh in my mind.

  15. Grant and I still quote that commercial, as in “I did two loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, changed and fed the boy, and raked leaves.”
    “But did you make the donuts?”

    You call it Dunks, we call it DDs.

  16. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a Dunkin’ over here!! I Love me some Dunkin’ coffee as well!! Good luck Hannah!!

  17. /if you’re a coffee drinker, you’re probably in heaven. I mean, I’ve read about how good Dunks’ coffee is. I don’t drink much coffee, but if I did, we don’t have Dunks here (much) in St. Louis. We have more Krispy Kremes than you can shake a donut at, but I don’t frequent them either.

    Hannah is adorable. I’d buy coffee from her w/ a big tip, even though I don’t drink it. I can’t believe how much she’s grown up!

  18. Way cuter than Fred! I vaguely remember those commercials, but I was tv-less from fall 1979 to sometime in the late 80’s.

  19. I love those commercials and used to quote them to my husband but he had no idea what I was talking about! It’s a regional thing – Dunkin Donuts weren’t in the South then.

  20. In our house, my husband and I always say “it’s time to make the donuts” when we wake up early and stumble out of bed for the day. It’s fun to see those commercials again!

  21. Hey, I can relate! My first job was at a Mister Donut. I always smelled a little like coffee, sugar and grease when I got off work.

  22. hahaha omg my friends and i used to do the whole routine — “were those baked fresh this morning?” with the finger over the upper lip and everything.

    i think hannah needs a mustache. congratulations to her. it’s a ridiculous uniform but she looks cute in it and at least she’s not the only one wearing it.

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