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A Hug For A Friend

There’s a passage in the book Julie and Julia that really got me thinking about blogging and friendship. It goes like this:

It is a comfort to have friends, maybe especially friends you will never meet.  Think about it this way: as I awaited a ferry amid thousands of other disheveled Queens secretaries, a woman named Chris in Minnesota was thinking not, “Oh, poor New Yorkers!” but, “Oh, poor Julie!” As I cooked chicken livers with a flashlight under my chin, some guy down in Shreveport was trying to remember if Julie had a gas or electric stove.  Around the country, a small scattering of people who had never been to the city, who had never met me, who had never cooked French food in their life, heard about the blackout and thought about me.  That’s sort of incredible, isn’t it?  Aside from its being an ego-boost, I mean.  Because people who would have looked at this as a disaster happening to other people were suddenly looking at it as a disaster happening to one of their own, to a friend.  I don’t mean this to be arrogance; in fact, I don’t think it has a whole lot to do with me one way or the other.  I think what it means is, people want to care about people.  People look after one another, given the chance.

To put it in context, I think . . .

It means that when Cheryl has her baby, we think about her and send good thoughts her way.

It means that when Carrie’s husband unexpectedly passes away, we rally around her and her kids.

It means when I’m trying to choose pictures for Hannah’s year book I can count on all of you to help me out.

And it means that when my dear friend Margene faces open heart surgery I knit her a shawl.

celtic hearts shawl full size

The pattern is the Celtic Hearts Shawl and I specifically chose it because of the hearts along the border.

celtic shawls wind blown

I wanted hearts to not only remind Margene of her heart surgery (not that she’ll ever forget) but to also remind her that I love her very much.

celtic hearts shawl diamonds

And the yarn is Sleeping Dragons Laceweight that I actually bought the last time I visited Margene. I couldn’t think of a better use for this yarn.

celtic hearts shawl corner

The color reminds me of Margene’s blue skies and my blue ocean – the perfect combination of both of our worlds.

celtic hearts shawl twisted in the wind

Margene is such a dear friend to me and I just wanted to be able to reach across the miles and give her a big giant hug.

celtic hearts shawl scrunched up

My arms aren’t quite that long, though, so this shawl will have to do.

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  1. Kathy said it perfectly! What an awesome healing shawl. It beautiful! A grrl can’t have too many of them esp when it’s from a good friend.

  2. Margene, is a very lucky friend! The shawl is gorgeous!!
    All of us who blog “meet” people, make friendships and connections though many times we have no idea that we’ll ever see each other in person…we’re all lucky and richer in our lives for these friends!

  3. Only thing better than a good friend? A good friend who knits! How beautiful (and thoughtful)!

  4. The shawl is very beautiful. The thoughts expressed in this post are even more so.
    Carole, thank you so much for writing this.

  5. Thanks for sharing that bit of wisdom, Carole. The shawl epitomizes what we can do for eachother, I think. It’s absolutely lovely.

  6. Sob. The shawl touches me deeply and couldn’t love it more. When I’m not wearing I have it hanging in sight so I can see it’s beauty, the friendship it evokes and the hug it represents. I am very fortunate to count you as a BFF. 😉

  7. Beautifully put. The literary reference, the pattern choice, the yarn’s origin, and color – all make for the perfect expression of your love and care for Margene. You are both blessed.

  8. What a lovely gift–filled with stitches of love. Margene certainly deserves it. Both of your blogs are very inspiring. Just last night I started a shawl for my friend (who I met on the internet) who has to start chemo for breast cancer. I think knitters have big hearts.

  9. De Lurking to say that is a stunning shawl. Thank you for sharing.

    I hope that your friend gets better soon. With such love wrapped around her, I’m sure her recovery will be swift.

  10. One of the best blog posts I have ever read. We are all so fortunate to have you in our lives, even if you make some of us cry…!

  11. Carole, what a heart-warming way to express your love and friendship. I think it truly sums up how close we can become to people we’ve never met … and since we grew up in those oh-so-long-ago days of pre-internet, who’d have ever thought you could wrap your heart around someone you’ve never laid eyes on?

    One of my dearest friends in the entire world is someone I met, by chance, on an internet message board when we were both pregnant, about 7 1/2 years ago! We now have met many times, and our families travel together yearly.

    You are indeed a special friend, Margene is a lucky woman & I know that your shawl will help her to heal more quickly because it was knit with so much love 🙂

  12. You know, that is a great passage about friendships. And that’s the unnameable thing that keeps me blogging. The unmet friends. And the opportunity to care about other people.

    The shawl is beautiful, the symbolism of the yarn, color, and hearts like a giant hug. You are right.

  13. Sublime. You are the dearest of friends and Margene will be wrapped in each stitch filled with love. I’m teary eyed, your post is so beautiful. 🙂

  14. Having already seen it, I can only reiterate that it’s a stunner, highly typical of your work. If I ever have surgery you’ll be among the first to know.

  15. What a beautiful, beautiful shawl — and a beautiful sentiment to go with it! I’m a newer blogger, and I had No Idea how much blog friendships would mean to me. My only regret is not jumping into BlogLand sooner.

  16. What a lovely post…I hope Margene is doing well…Love the shawl. And, shawls are like a warm hug from a friend.

  17. Such a wonderful gift. I agree with you, about the friends, especially online ones. People as much as it may not seem like it some times, want to care for other people.

  18. It is a beautiful work of love, Carole. I had considered knitting that very pattern for Margene, too, but I never got past the thinking stage.

  19. I love this post, Carole. I think all bloggers should print it out and present it when people who aren’t involved in blogging develop that puzzled, slightly negative look when they hear that you have a blog.
    The shawl is wonderful…one of the nicest I’ve seen in a long time and what better choice of projects than to make something for a dear friend.

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