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Random Wednesday

It’s a Random Wednesday and it’s all about the rest of Rhinebeck.

rhinebeck foliage

  • The foliage was lovely. It would have been lovelier against a bright blue sky but it was still beautiful.
  • I had some great meals with friends. Dinner at the Eveready Diner on Friday night was delicious and our waiter was new and adorable. Saturday night we dined at The Coyote Grill and I broke with tradition and had Bang Bang Thai Shrimp instead of my usual fish tacos. It was a great choice.

stitched by jessalu

  • JessaLu sold a whole bunch of box bags. I’m so glad she’s having success with her sewing venture – she totally deserves it.
  • There were some awesome carved pumpkins at the fair. I didn’t take pictures but Hillary did and JessaLu did and you should really go take a look.

a bed made of yarn

  • Kim brought a whole bunch of sock yarn with her. On Friday night we dumped it out onto the floor of her hotel room and I literally rolled around in it for a bit. On Saturday night we dumped it out onto my bed. I tried to get her to leave it there for me to sleep with but she took it all back. Well, except for the 5 skeins I bought and all the skeins everyone else bought.

rhinebeck sheep

  • I love sheep.

That is all.

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  1. It looks like you enjoyed hanging with your friend most of all. Isn’t that they way of the perfect weekend?

  2. I? Am totally jealous of you rolling around in that yarn. That’s a lot of yarn. I would like to own that much yarn one day. Heh. Not while I have daycare expenses that rival two monthly car payments.

  3. That is plenty! I’m so happy I got to take home a few treats from that pile. Now I’m trying to remember which of Anne’s shawls was the one we all agreed was “the one”. I know it was a rectangular one. Ugh… off to Ravelry I go.

  4. Rolling around in sock yarn!?!! So that’s what commuters miss! Sigh, one of these years I must do the overnight thing.

  5. Hmmm……I have been thinking about that Thai Shrimp dish ever since I got home………it was FABULOUS! I would love to learn how to cook something like that. 🙂

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