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Come Ye To The Faire!

Dale and I had a marvelous time at King Richard’s Faire last Sunday. The day was sunny and the air was crisp, a perfect day to dress in renaissance garb and check out the faire. We wandered around and drank beer, admiring all the things to see and do.

mug on head guy

There were guys who carried their beers on their heads.

dance troupe

And there were singers and dancers.

freak on a green horse

There were freaks on dragons.

glass blower

And artisans, like glass blowers.

king richard

There was a king, of course.

fur people

There were scary creatures with fur and fangs.

pretty cottage

And there were picturesque little cottages.

dale the wizard at sunset

Best of all, though, was this one sexy wizard. I brought him home with me. I just couldn’t help myself.

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  1. I love the Sherpa Dude gone Wizard! The earring is the crowning touch! One day I’d like to take a glass blowing class. Great photos. Thanks for sharing your day.

  2. We had Queen Elizabeth the First at our fair. If you visit my blog and check September’s posts I have pictures from our trip to the Renaissance Festival. They are fun and strange.

  3. I love everyone’s enthusiasm. I wouldn’t begin to know what to do for a costume. And…Hubba, hubba. That’s one fine wizard you got yourself.

  4. Love the pictures-fun!!! By the way, do you ever get to use your antique sock machine? Was it easy to learn how to use? (Saw the machine at the end of your post-I remembered you writing about it before)

  5. The faire is always fun! Glad you had a wonderful day … and I promise not to tell Dale about you bringing the wizard home with you 😉

  6. I love the faire! We go most years, but missed it this year. You had such gorgeous weather too — next year, we’ll be back. And one year I’ll have the guts to dress up myself. Looks like Dale had fun doing it!

  7. What great photos! Especially the one of Dale 🙂 (I can see why you call him sexy — am I the only one who wondered about the *staff* he is holding?)

    ::ducks and runs away::

  8. Well, I must say – you certainly picked the best looking wizard to bring home…

    How did you dress???

    Looks like such a fun time…

    BTW – the photo of Dale is really good…everything about it is good!

  9. See, you guys have the right idea. Colorado’s Ren Faire is in July, and walking around in a brocade dress when it’s a billion degrees outside is no good.

  10. What a guy your Dale is!! I LOVE the wizard costume… two have so much fun together! 🙂

    Do we get to see your costume?

  11. I LOVE King Richard’s Faire. It’s not as big as the renaissance faires back in my home state of California, but it’s a shorter drive from where I live in the south shore and is still a great time.

    I haven’t had a chance to go really in the last couple of years, but I remember that dude who balances the stein on his head!

  12. Don’t know if you saw it but there WAS spinning and knitting going on at the faire. and “Vampie-ahs”

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