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Ten on Tuesday

sun through the snow filled trees

This week’s Ten on Tuesday theme is a positive one – hooray!Ā  Let’s talk about 10 Great Things About the Holidays.

1. Lights. I absolutely light Christmas lights. White or multi-colored, it’s all good. Just don’t make mine blinking.

2. Greens. I put greens over my windows, greens over my doorways, greens over anything that stands still long enough to get draped.

3. Snowmen. I started collecting snowmen 18 years ago when I bought my first house. I now have a, errr, sizable collection. Finding a place to put all of them has gotten rather challenging.

4. Christmas music. I love Christmas music! All Christmas music. From Reba McEntire to Trans Siberian Orchestra to Trinity Choir – it’s all great.

5. Parties. It seems like we haven’t been to many Christmas parties in recent years. I think people have stopped having them and I hope it’s not that they’ve stopped inviting us! Anyway, we are going to a new one this Saturday night and I’m really looking forward to it.

6. Christmas on the Common. This is our local town celebration and now that I’m a Kiwanis member I was involved in the behind the scenes stuff. The Tree Decorating Contest was all mine to run this year. I also worked at the food trailer and had a blast. The weather was awful – cold rain and wind – but the company and holiday spirit was fantastic.

7. Charities. In recent years I have decreased family gift giving and increased charity giving and it feels great. Not only do I have to do less shopping and wrapping to do but I get to help families who are less fortunate than mine. This is truly the spirit of the holiday and it makes me feel great.

8. Presents under the tree. I enjoy the wrapping and making bows and I really enjoy looking at them when they are placed so carefully under the tree.

9. Christmas cookies. They are fun to bake and fun to share and fun to eat. It just wouldn’t feel like Christmas without the cookies.

10. Christmas Eve. We open our home to friends and family and share our Swedish heritage. It’s a lot of work but I still love doing it.

Wow, that was so easy! I guess I really enjoy Christmas so thinking of 10 Great Things About the Holidays was great.

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  1. Great list. I’d love to hear more about your Swedish Christmas Eve. I wonder if it is similar to my inlaws Estonian Christmas Eve.

  2. Great list. And don’t forget all those Christmas moives. We always kick off the season with Miracle on 34th Street and Holiday Inn. I added The Bishop’s Wife to the collection last year. So fun!

  3. Love your list too. I totally agree with no blinking lights – too crazy for me.

    Is your Swedish event involve glogg? I love glogg!

  4. I love your list, and I’m truly glad if this gives you joy. I have a vague memory of all of this mattering to me, and I’m truly not THAT MUCH of a Grinch, but I just can’t seem to muster the enthusiasm for any of it any more. No lights, no tree, no decorating anymore. Much to one of my sisters’ dismay who just asked me to host Christmas dinner. I said I’d be happy to do a dinner, but only if no one expected all the rest of it, because it ain’t happenin’. She wasn’t thrilled, and said, “Well, that doesn’t sound much like a traditional Christmas.” Oh, well. šŸ™‚

  5. Yep, another list of things that I totally agree with … well, except that whole making Christmas cookies thing! Eating them, I’m right there with ya … the rolling and cutting part? Not so much. Each time you make a list, I now start with thinking, “Wonder how much of this list will be the same for me & Carole!?” LOL Christmas is my favorite time of year as well, and I love the wonderment in the girls’ eyes … I can still remember the years when the boys were little, it never gets old!!

  6. Great list Carole- we have simplified Christmas the past few years and I find that I enjoy it so much more now. We watched “Elf” last night and I forgot how much I love that movie. Slowing down the pace and enjoying the simple things like watching a movie instead of shopping at the crowded, hot mall is so important to me now. I actually look forward to Christmas this year.

  7. Great list! Unfortunately I used this one already when I couldn’t come up with ten good remakes. I have some nice snow pix, though — maybe I’ll use those.

  8. I dont do ten on tuesday….but I just might.

    I loved all of yours. Not because I want to be like you, but because I already am! hahhaha. Except I don’t mind lights a blinkin. We had a Christmas thing under our tree growing up that made our WHITE tree change colors. I was mesmerized by this. I would buy a fake white tree, and do that if I knew they still existed.! A wonderful memory from my childhood

  9. Our neighborhood is full of kids and the decorations are wonderful. I think my very favorite thing about Christmas is going caroling. Midnight mass is very, very cool too. We celebrate Boxing Day with the in-laws. Gifts in our family have always been things like handknit socks, a hard-to-find used book that someone searched for, a photo or drawing, and charity.

  10. Christmas lights. Here in the great frozen darkness that is December, Christmas lights are pure wonderful. And I think I might just make some Christmas cookies this year. Yay, Christmas!

  11. Love your list! I don’t do cookies, but I bake the family’s Christmas Bread. My late mother-in-law always baked it and wouldn’t give any of us the recipe. I found the card right after she dies and it was actually in code. Took me a whole November of baking attempts to get it right! It takes all day, sometimes two, but is so worth it when my brother-in-law calls from MIchigan to say he just had a piece of Christmas Bread and NOW it is Christmas.

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