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Ten On Tuesday

snow covered christmas lights

This week on Ten on Tuesday we’re talking about 10 New Year’s Resolutions. I’m going to do it and I’m going to do it with a positive spin. It’s all in the wording, kids.

1. Enjoy exercising. I’m committed to walking with a co-worker, I might as well have a good time and enjoy being outdoors as much as I can.

2. Eat smaller portions. Okay, this could be construed as a negative thing but I’m looking at the positive side of not feeling overly full and bloated after dinner every night.

3. Learn to count. (those of you here early in the day will understand this one)

4. Spend more time with my spinning wheels. This uses up fiber which means I can buy more fiber. Hooray.

5. Finally tackle homemade pasta. I’m filing this under “just do it.” And I’m betting that it will actually be fun.

6. Pay off thebig-ass new TV we bought for Christmas.

7. Be happier. Sometimes I think I’m afraid to be happy because that will make something bad happen. I’m working on letting this go but it’s not easy.

8. Be fearless with my knitting. Trying new techniques is definitely a positive resolution.

9. Start Project 365 on flickr. I started last year but I didn’t post my first photo until January 5th and it bugged me that I didn’t start right on the first. That made it easy for me to give up but this year I’m trying again and I’m going to stick with it!

10. Have lots of fun. This is the best resolution of all!

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  1. Great list – especially #7 – why is that??? Enjoy the new TV – we got ours a couple of years ago and I love watching movies now.

  2. So many good resolutions on your list. I’ve been thinking about 365, too. Maybe we can encourage each other. #7 is also something I need to do. It’s easy to get yourself all worked up over nothing.

  3. Homemade pasta is *easy*! You will love doing it, and more importantly, love the end result. We could have a pasta-making party 🙂

  4. Wonderful resolutions! Planning for next year has definitely been on my mind lately (although I’m trying not to jump ahead and enjoy the last days of Christmas). I really like how you’ve chosen such a broad range of resolutions. I think you should make homemade pasta on New Years Day and start the year off with a bang!

  5. That’s a good reasonable list. I need to get on board with number 1. I wish I knew why I despise exercise so much. I feel so much better after I do it.

    I joined Pro 365 on my iphone. We will see how that goes.

    And yes – we should be happy!!! I have been letting too many other people crap on my happiness lately and it’s not acceptable. Let’s just be happy!

  6. That’s a great list, Carole. Working toward it will make #7 easier too. Hmm, missing #3…got me wondering….

  7. That’s a great list of which I’m on board with most of. Esp #2,#7 and #8. #1 I have already started on- I joined a women’s weight training program. Chuckling at the lack of a #3…..

  8. I always fought against the NYRs – it’s always felt to me like I should make them in the fall. (Maybe I was Jewish in a former life and they ARE NYRs…) Anyway, I like your ideas. I feel like NYRs in the old style are about a Puritanical return-to-work thing after all the excesses of the holidays…

  9. Great resolutions. They all sound very reasonable and positive. I’m totally with you on #7. I’ve heard of Project 365 but I don’t know if I could commit to it. It sounds like fun though.

  10. Well done! You MUST try homemade pasta. I don’t make it often enough and it really is easy. 100g flour and 1 egg per person. Mix until elastic. You can add an extra egg yolk or two, some olive oil if it seems to stiff but otherwise, that’s it!

  11. Wonderful list!

    You’re a knitter. You don’t need to know how to count as long as you have stitch markers. ;^)

    I think happy is a wonderful thing to aim for. xo

  12. Hey, good resolutions! Am going to have to give mine some thought. Hmmmmm. . . Aiming to be happy has got to be one of them!

  13. Excellent choices! You are right to be thinking about how to couch your resolutions in the most positive manner possible… I hear you have a better chance of success that way.

  14. Good work, Carole. #7 is hard, isn’t it? It always seems like there’s something we “should” be worrying about so we can try to control the outcome… but my guess is that things generally work out the way they’re going to regardless.

  15. I agree….a positive spin makes it feel more attainable doesn’t it? I’m working on my list for the new year too. 🙂

  16. good list, dear one. And I expect that if you allow #7 to just occur, then many of the others on the list will happen as a result 🙂
    Sending you joyful thoughts and abundant silliness.

  17. The only tricky thing about pasta is finding somewhere to dry it all. Do you have an old clothes drying rack? Beet-colored pasta is easy, too. Spinach for green. Definitely get a hand-crank pasta roller. Kitchenaid makes a good extruder attachment, but the pasta is MUCH better if you get the gluten going by rolling it out.

    Like your list a lot. For #1, carry 1-pound hand weights and pump your arms. It looks silly but it radically increases the value of your workout. If you can get your friend to do it with you you’ll start a new trend. If you end up liking the effect, get a set of Heavyhands.

    #7 takes courage, which you have in abundance. Spend some of that inner strength on yourself, okay?

  18. You’re brave to put your list out for all to see! I hope you can make it through the 365…I’m wrapping up my year and it’s a great feeling of accomplishment.

  19. I love your list! # 7 kind of hit home….not sure why I do that, but I really need to learn to change that one. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.

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