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Eye Candy Friday

Shells of Sanibel resized for blog

Florida shells are way prettier than Cape Cod shells. Just sayin.

Have a terrific weekend. I’m just sayin’ that, too.

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  1. You found a few beautiful specimens keepsakes. January is so long and we still have one more weekend to go. Sigh. At least you can stay warm and knit by your cozy fireplace. Sounds heavenly.

  2. Florida shells beat out so. Calif. shells too! Yowza! You found those on the beach? Nice. Have a great weekend with all that new yarn!

  3. The shells on Sanibel are my favorites! Thanks for this breath of the seashore on a cold winter day!

  4. What a beautiful photo! Love the angle and the differing shades of color and textures. Next time you’ll have to do a close up of all the shark’s teeth you found. 🙂

  5. sweet. and I think that I might have a bowl or two that looks just like that from my trip to FL last October 😉
    have a great weekend.

  6. They beat out Maryland shells too. I have a great jar full of shells that look like yours that I collected on Marco Island (just south of Sanibel). There is nothing like that area for collecting shells…I spent hours at it. Thank goodness we were there by car!

  7. Hey Carole! Saw your blog mentioned on Kaet’s and thought I’d stop by and visit. What a lovely family photo of you all enjoying the sunshine…can you feel my jealousy? I’ll be headed there soon to see a dear friend. I absolutely adore the mittens…especially the multicolored ones.

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