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Eye Candy Friday

Yummy Sock Yarn resized for blog

Remember that yarn crawl from a couple of weeks ago? Turns out I won the door prize at The Wool Basket that day. It’s a fabulous skein of Schaefer Nichole. Yummy.

Have a yummy weekend.

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  1. I love the Schaefer colors. Which one is yours? Congratulations! Great way to go into a weekend.

  2. I swear Carole. You are a magnet with these door prizes and blog prizes! What a great colorway! Have a great weekend.

  3. I can’t stand it , you are sooo lucky. But I’m happy for you. That was a fun day

  4. That yarn makes me weak in the knees. (My poor, ignored knitting is whispering in my ear.)
    Happy Blogiversary…5 years! I didn’t see you mention it this week but I know we sarted within a few days of each other.

  5. I am passing on this plea in the hope that some yarn-aholics will feel generous.
    Hi All:

    I am in desperate need of crochet hooks and/or yarn for a huge crochet club at school. I started it yesterday, and even with 27 hooks and skeins of yarn, I have kids waiting. I cannot invest any more (bank-o-me is already strained), so if you have any yarn especially and possibly crochet hooks, please let me know. Am willing to drive as far as Huntington and into Manhattan. Or, you can mail.


    Peace, Caren

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