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Stimulating The Economy

On Saturday I did something every knitter loves to do. I went on a yarn crawl with my friends.  You’re jealous, aren’t you?

Sharon and Martha and I met at The Wool Basket in Duxbury at 10. This is Martha’s local yarn shop and it’s a great one. The owner is super friendly and they have a truly wonderful selection of yarn. We spent some time (and some money) and then we headed on for our next destination . . .

And that was The Wool Patch in Middleboro. The owner there, Miriam, is terrific. She is helpful and runs a great little shop. Her yarn selection is also very good but totally different than the Duxbury shop. Once again we spent some time and some money and then we headed to . . . .

Lunch. And for lunch we had sushi at my favorite sushi restaurant, Sushi Joy in Plymouth. We shared a few different rolls and they were all fantastic. So were the Mai Tais.  Stuffed and happy we left there and went to . . .

Fancie Purls in Plymouth. Our friend Dinah, who we had hoped would join us but couldn’t make it, told us about this shop a few months ago and I’ve been anxious to go there and check it out. What an adorable shop! Once again we met a great owner, Ann, and once again we spent time and money.

yarn haul

At the end of the day I came home with some  Berrocco Ultra Alpaca for mittens, some Noro Silk Garden for an entrelac scarf, and some silk/wool for a small shawl.

And I also came home with fantastic memories of a day with friends. Laughter, yarn, and sushi. What more could a knitter want on a Saturday?

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  1. Great way to spend the day…those are some of my favorite shops!

    The sock club at The Wool Basket drew me in. I joined and am loving the first pattern I received!

  2. What Manise said. But we do need some bright colors in these darkest months. (Me, I’m working in reds, oranges and pinks, with a hint of green.)

  3. Beautiful yarns – can’t wait to see the finished items! Sounds like a perfect Saturday. I start my mitten class next week – can’t wait to make the Bella Mittens!!

  4. Sounds like a perfect Saturday to me. That was my first time going to Plymouth when we went to Fancie Purls last weekend. What a cute little town. Must be fun in the summer.

    I like the colors of the Silk Garden. That will make a great scarf.

  5. Just what EVERY knitter needs every so often especially during
    the winter months. So much fun, isn’t it? And no buyer’s

  6. So glad you had such a wonderful day with friends 🙂 I think Shawn is definitely glad I was sleeping in Saturday morning … those yarns look scrumptious!

  7. Ooh, new Noro colors! (Must not succumb to new yarn – must finish lovely sox @ to Carole’s pattern.)

  8. A perfect way to spend a Saturday. We did the same on Sunday and had a blast. Buying yarn is nice, (I bought books), but the day with friends can’t be beat.

  9. oh my! danger danger.. Mai Tai’s, sushi AND then more yarn shopping??.. oh my, that would have put me into a whole passle of danger 😉 (giggle).
    It looks like your weekend was the perfect antidote for missing the kids.
    Aren’t friends fabulous!!

  10. Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday. I need to plan a yarn crawl with a friend or two myself.

  11. I am jealous. My part of the world does not have a lot of good yarn shops. You’re very lucky in the shops and the yarn shopping friends.

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