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Chevron Love Mittens

I powered through and I finished my Chevron Love Mittens last Friday. I have never been so happy to see a project come to completion!

Chevron Love Mittens

Working with 8 little balls of yarn was challenging and I actually screwed up the thumb gusset on the first mitten. I didn’t realize it until I started the gusset on mitten number 2 but once I did realize it, I just had to go back and rip the first one out and fix it. It was much easier once I was doing it right. Ahem.

Chevron Love Mittens Top and Thumb

The thumbs were fiddly and took longer than mitten thumbs usually do – due to the color changes, no doubt. But they lined up nicely and I’m glad I made myself

Chevron Love Mittens Close Up Braid

The braid at the cast on edge looks impressive but was actually very simple to do – it’s just a matter of putting yarn in front of or behind the various stitches. I always think it’s neat when simple things have great results.

Chevron Love Mittens Top

The final verdict: I love them! Julia did a wonderful job with the pattern and the kits she put together are fantastic. This one is called “Tulip Garden” and the colors really do remind me of tulips. And I love that they will keep me warm until the tulips bloom.

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  1. I fall to my knees in awe at their gorgeousness! And such springy colors – gives one hope in blizzardy Rockport.

  2. They are really beautiful! Wicked nice job there!! You going to SPA? (or is that like asking if the pope is catholic??)

  3. Such cheery mitts! Eight balls – sounds like you did a lot of juggling. It really paid off; perfect for a winter walk.

  4. Snazzy bright colors! Worth the effort and rippage of the thumbs. Wear them in health as we say in Greek.

  5. Those are gorgeous!!! I really want to knit them. I have one question, though, because I have large, wide hands — how big are these mittens???

  6. Carole, those are fantastic! Sorry they were such a fiddle – sounds like you basically knit them three times! Very pretty.

  7. Those are really wonderful! I like the bright colors (and make me wonder how many of my tulips are going to come back this year…)

    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Yewoza – they are fun!! and what an amazing bunch of work that must have been.
    Love the braid on the cuff .
    congrats on sticking with it!!

  9. Those mittens are Teh Awesome. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but it is hard to believe they are hand-knit — so many colors boggle the mind of this knitter. Gorgeous, and such a bright spot in your day every time you put them on 🙂

  10. So I started the thumb gusset yesterday. There is an extra stitch on either side in order to keep the Chevron going in the same way. How did you handle that? I made it so that there are two stitches on either side of the markers rather than one of the color called for there, but don’t know how to jigger it any more slickly. I thought about K2tog, actually. But that would make things too small.

  11. I love these! This looks like another contender for my next pair of mittens. Oh, there are so many wonderful patterns. I suppose if I went ahead and began one, that would get me closer to knitting more, rather than just admiring all the lovely patterns I can find.

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