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Bella’s Mittens

I had a very nice and relaxing weekend. There was dinner out and some entertaining. There was football and knitting and movie watching. It was all very nice but it wasn’t anything that creates an interesting blog post. Luckily, I managed to take some photos of Hannah’s new Bella’s Mittens.

hannah with mittens 1 for blog

Hannah can be rather picky about handknits but she absolutely loves these mittens.

hannah with mittens 2 for blog

They are thick and warm and the Malabrigo Chunky is very soft. It wasn’t easy to knit this thick yarn at such a tight gauge – I had to practically stand on my head to twist those cables.

hannah mitten back for blog

The color looks great with her new black North Face jacket and the long cuff makes them ideal for keeping her wrists warm, too.

hannah mitten snow for blog

Hannah says that they fit perfectly and wearing them feels like a hug for her hands.

hannah with mittens up close for blog


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  1. The vibrant Malabrigo worked out beautifully!! Hannah’s smile says it all. Poor Bella never smiled liked that (maybe her mites were acrylic!).

  2. “A hug for her hands” – that’s so sweet! The mittens look great and Hannah clearly loves them. Nice photos, too!

  3. Beautiful mittens…and that is so “my ” color! My son, Chris, sent me a thank you note when he got his first pair of hand knit socks while away at college…and thanked me for sending him hugs for his feet…these kids really get it, don’t they?!

  4. I made my daughter mittens for her new black Northface too. She wanted thrums so ended up with teal/turquoise blue.

    They look great on Hannah – and go with her new jacket so well.

    Good work Mom!

  5. Lindsey is such a Twi-hard, I’m shocked that she hasn’t asked for a pair of Bella’s Mitts. She’s hinted very broadly about North Face jackets. Hannah looks great in the jacket and the mitts. Good for you pushing through with the cables. The result is really nice.

  6. And she will never, ever lose them in a snow bank because of their vibrant color! I love this pattern, too. It’s so nice when your daughters LIKE what you made them.

  7. I love these mittens, I’ve been drooling over them every time I see someone has finished a pair. Wish I lived some place where such warm delicious mittens would get used. Oh well, since I won’t be knitting a pair for a while I’ll live vicariously through all the people that do get to wear them. Beautiful, love the color!

  8. I made my daughter a purple pair for Christmas and she loved them even though she is no Twilight fan. They are so nice and warm. I may even make myself a pair if I can make a decision on colour.

  9. Awww…hand hugs! I have heard that knitting these to gauge is something of a task, and that the work is quite worth it.

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