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Eye Candy Friday

Purple Crocus resized for blog

I thought you might like another look at those purple crocuses. Spring comes officially this weekend. Hoo-ray!

Make the most of it, my friends!

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  1. Just saw my first crocuses yesterday – woo hoo for spring! Today we have 71 degrees and tomorrow it is forecasted to be 73. Welcome spring!

  2. Happy Spring! Love the colors. I saw a huge , old tree that had hundreds of these croci scattered underneath it this week. Just beautiful!

  3. Our forsythia is just starting to bloom. Local lore says we need to trim the roses this weekend. Love spring garden prep! Have a terrific one!

  4. I saw my first crocuses on Wednesday and was so excited that I could hardly tell my husband what I had seen. So, so happy to be within reach of Spring!

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