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Eye Candy Friday

Mason In the Window resized for blog

Mason is looking out the bedroom window, hoping to see some daffodils in bloom, no doubt. Alas, not yet.

Don’t spend your weekend looking out the window – get out there and have some fun!

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  1. What a pretty boy. My cats love that we let them stay out later now that the sun is out longer. More time to sit by the bird feeder 😉

  2. Silly cat. If he were looking at a bird his ears would have pricked waay forward, no? Have a great weekend!

  3. Mason looks a lot like my Scamp. He sits in my window and once in a while there’s some excitement when the neighbor’s cat walks by… it REALLY gets exciting when the neighbor cat starts taunting and jumps at the window!!

    Happy Weekend, Carole!!

  4. Oh, I love that photo! You really have an eye for the special moment between time that makes a great photo.

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