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Jitterbug Socks

I got a lot accomplished this weekend.

I bought annuals and hanging plants and got things planted in the ground and in containers.

I had a fun dinner out with my husband.

I made some final decisions on the menu for the ever-looming graduation party.

I took down the heavy drapes in the living room and put up the sheer curtains and the summer slipcovers.

I knitted in the sunshine on my deck.

I blocked my Morning Surf Scarf.

And I finished my Jitterbug Socks.

Jitterbug Socks 1 blog size

It’s my basic sock pattern but in a slightly heavier yarn. I still used 64 stitches but made the legs a little shorter than I usually do to accommodate the shorter yardage of the Colinette Jitterbug.

Jitterbug Socks2 blog size

I was a little nervous on Sunday afternoon that I was going to run out of yarn and then I remembered that I weighed my first finished sock vs the yarn I had left before I started the second sock and I relaxed.

Jitterbug Heels blog size

When I finished I put my feet up, took some photos, and relaxed some more.

Jitterbug Feet blog size

It was a busy weekend!

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  1. Nice weekend! THe socks look good. Not as pooly as I would have guessed from the yarn.

  2. Wow! I’m jealous. All I got finished this weekend were a couple of good naps (we had ran and snow!). Your socks look terrific. The colors are full of spring.

  3. Your weekend sounds like mine … except my house hasn’t changed a bit (but the lake house has LOL)! Love the socks, and so glad you had enough yarn. I’ve knit 1 pound of purple yarn into K’s afghan … only 2 pounds left to go, hehe.

  4. I wish I had the energy to change from winter to summer curtains, would love to see pictures of yours.

  5. Sounds like we both had really busy weekends. I’m a little jealous though because mine didn’t include any knitting. Nice socks!

  6. Very nice! So how much yarn did you have left? I once finished a second sock with three feet to spare. These days I always work toe up, which avoids that problem *and* gets me out of grafting. (Yes, I know, grafting’s not that hard. It is for me. What can I tell you?)

  7. You got a lot more accomplished than I did – which, now that I think about it, actually isn’t saying much, since I accomplished nothing 🙂 Beautiful socks!

  8. Very cute socks. Which color Jitterbug is that? I have several skeins in my stash and that might be one of them….scary to not be able to remember when I just reorganized the stash 2 weeks ago.

  9. Lovely socks. But I wanna hear about the graduation party menu! I have one looming in my near future also.

  10. lovely socks –
    and yes, I noticed that small comment in there about the “graduation party”……. sigh….. it will be a bittersweet day, won’t it. So proud of our girls, yet so difficult to let them fly the nest.

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