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Photographs and Memories

We had such a great visit with our kids last week! We managed to do plenty of visiting and relaxing but also did some fun vacation stuff like going to the beach and going to a Rox game. We ended the week with a cook out to celebrate Dale’s birthday and it was an awesome party, if I do say so myself.

We even fit in a family photo shoot.

Dale with 4 kids blog size

I got shots of Dale with his kids.

Dale with 3 grandkids blog size

Dale with his grandkids.

Dale with the whole family blog size

And even Dale and I with the kids and grandkids.

Like any vacation, it was over all too fast. Good thing we have long memories to go with those photos.

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  1. Wonderful pictures – how happy you all look! I’d love it if we could even get my stepdaughters in the same place long enough for a picture! πŸ™‚

  2. So glad you all had such a good time … and great weather to enjoy each other’s company in πŸ™‚ Awesome photos, as usual!!

  3. That is such a sad song! (photographs and memories) I love it though, I’m a sucker for a tear-jerker!

    Great pics, and I love your cute little top!

  4. Grandkids? Carole, where are you hiding that time machine and may I stop by to borrow it sometime? (You and Dale don’t seem to be of an age to have grandkids, but then again, what amazing memories you’re able to make with them.)

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