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Staycation, Day 1

My 2 week vacation officially starts today. We’ll be home this week and then going to the Cape next week and we’re all very happy about resting and relaxing, visiting and sightseeing, hanging out and playing games.

I’ll still be blogging this week but it will be blogging of the lighter variety. A picture and a few words or something of that nature.

For today:

Easton's Beach blog size

A picture of last Friday’s visit to Easton’s Beach in Newport. After a busy afternoon of walking around Newport, a visit to the beach was the perfect way to end the day.

Come to think of it, that’s the perfect way to end any day.

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  1. Great shot! I can almost feel the mist fall over me. I hope you week at home is full of “want to do’s.”

  2. Looks like what we use to call Newport’s 2nd beach. If
    so, that was where we brought all six of our kids –
    only an hour from our house. Wonderful memories
    of good times there! Happy vacation!!

  3. I’m a little envious that you can get to the beach almost whenever you want! Have a wonderful vacation!!!

  4. It’s amazing how even just a few minutes at the beach can put you in another place. Living three miles from Lake Michigan, I try to take advantage of the big water every chance I get. Happy staycation!

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