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Pilar’s Wedding Shawl

My dear friend Brian (son of my dear friend Lois) married his soulmate, Pilar, on Sunday. Dale and I were honored to be included in the small circle of friends to celebrate with them. I was especially honored to knit the bride a shawl to wear for the wedding.

I sent Pilar several pattern links to choose from but we both quickly agreed that Romi’s Fiori di Sole shawl was the perfect choice. Kim helped me choose Zephyr Laceweight Wool Silk for the yarn and I set off to knit. I knew my deadline was tight and I was a little nervous but I finished right on time, taking exactly one month from start to finish. Whew!

I took a few photos in the back yard before I gave the shawl to Pilar, not being sure how much of a chance I would get to photograph it at the wedding.

Fiori di Sole full back blog size

The full back view.

Fiori di Sole Edging blog size

And the beautiful scalloped edging.

Fiori di Sole folded blog size

Finally, a folded shot.

Luckily for me, I also managed to get some beautiful shots of Pilar wearing the shawl at the wedding. The color of the shawl really highlighted the beading on her gown.

Shawl over shoulders blog size

She had it beautifully draped over her shoulders.

Shawl over elbow blog size

Shawl and Bracelet blog size

And it looked elegant when it slipped down over her arms.

Shawl Edge with Ruffles blog size

It was lovely against the ruffles of her gown.

Shawl Back blog size

And it was so photogenic I couldn’t stop myself from taking several more photos.

Brian and Pilar vows 2 blog size


Pilar was so gracious about the shawl and gushed about it’s beauty and how I had created a family heirloom for her and how much she loved it and me.

Brian and Pilar 1 blog size

Brian is a like a little brother to me and I’m so happy for them and the new family they have created – I couldn’t have been happier to have my hand knit shawl be a part of their special day.

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  1. It’s incredible – stunning, and oh so perfect for her and her gown. And what a lovely couple. You absolutely captured the look of love in their eyes and connection to each other.

  2. Carole, that is really, really beautiful. Lately I’ve been looking at knitted work with rather a critical eye. But this item really captured for me what knitting does best.

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