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Knitting Progress

Now that the epic wedding shawl is finished and the bridesmaid’s shawl for JessaLu’s wedding is finished I can actually knit what I want to knit and not what I have to knit. It feels great!

Que Sera Sweater Body blog size

I’ve finished the body of the Que Sera sweater for Hannah. It’s been tedious to knit, although I couldn’t say why since I enjoy the lace pattern and it’s very well written. It’s probably that I just don’t enjoy knitting with cotton yarn. I’m determined to finish, though, so I’m pushing myself to get the sleeves done and have it finished by the time we visit Hannah for Family Day on October 2nd. Before I was worried that I would run out of yarn but that seems unlikely at this point. Now I’m just worried that (a) it will fit and (b) she will actually wear it.

She can be a fickle one, that daughter of mine.

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  1. Congrats on finishing the shawls. I know they are both lovely and I can’t wait to see them.

    Que Sera is looking great and you’re so close to being done!

  2. Your Que Sera looks so much better than mine. I really hung on to the yarn as I knit it and the fabric is tight and has no bounce. I’d like a little bounce with that cotton please. I hope Hannah loves it. It’s a great sweater!

  3. It’s a gorgeous sweater & I’m thinking that on those chilly mornings out ‘west’ Hannah will be reaching for a comforting hand-knit!

  4. Hannah will wear it, fickle or not. That first time she starts feeling crummy with a bad head cold, she’ll grab the sweater her mom made for her and wear it to bed, to the coffee shop, where ever, just to feel her mom around her.

  5. Que Sera is looking great (even though its been alittle fussy for you)! I’m sure Hannah will love it. I’ve been working like crazy on a sweater made with cotton yarn. I laid it out flat to look at my “almost-finished” progress and… one sleeve is waaayyy wider than the other even though I have the same stitch count. WTF???? Its making my my spin around- I hate when that happens!!!!

  6. I bought the yarn to knit Que Sera, but for some reason, it has me a little intimidated. I’m not crazy about knitting with cotton, either, and I’m not sure about fit. I keep looking at pictures of other finished Que Seras over on Ravelry, and it does seem to look good on most body types, so I’m hoping for the best. My yarn is a deep teal color—I really like your navy. It will go with almost anything.

  7. It is a beautiful sweater. I’m about to finish a sweater of my own and am debating what I should knit next (sweater wise…)

    I’m sure Hannah will love it!!

  8. You might be right about the cotton. Hmmm… What you’ve got so far looks great and I’m sure Hannah willl love it. I hope that you finish in time.

  9. What great stitch definition. I look forward to seeing the picture of her in it. Personally, I worry about cotton sweaters stretching out of shape, but the other people on ravelry who’ve made this one in your yarn are not complaining. So it looks like another winner.

  10. Congrats on finishing the shawls! I’m sure Hannah will love the sweater – it’s already beautiful. I agree with you about cotton…my hands get achy from the nonstretchability.

  11. It’s the most glorious color – but yes, I agree with you completely about co9tton. not my fav. Must be blended with something that has a bit of give to it..

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