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WIP ‘Em Out Wednesday

So the other day I was on Ravelry, which I don’t visit nearly as often as I used to, and I noticed that I hadn’t listed my 3 current knitting projects on my project page. Whoops.

I rectified that situation by creating a project info thingy for each project but then I realized that I don’t have pictures to go along with the project info. Whoops again.

That is now fixed and I’m sharing with you.

Fiori di Sole Progress blog size

First up: the Fiori di Sole shawl. This is for a friend who is getting married in just 18 days. I am hauling ass on this and slightly worried about my deadline but since I absolutely have to finish, well, I know I will.

Que Sera Progress blog size

Next up: Que Sera for Hannah. I started this back in July and had hoped to send it off to college with her but then I offered to knit the wedding shawl and the sweater has been set aside. I’m slightly worried about running out of yarn and that doesn’t inspire me to pick it up again but I will once that shawl is done.

State Fair Socks Progress blog size

Finally: socks. Every knitter needs a little down time and that’s what my picot edge socks are for.

What are you knitting these days?

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  1. Some socks. A sweater for WB that the Gauge Fairy and I have been struggling over. Thinking about a fall sweater for myself.

  2. Your projects look wonderful (that shawl is great for a wedding!) And I love the colors in your other projects – your WIPs are color coordinated right now!

    I just finished a pair of socks yesterday so now I’m starting to catch up on projects that I started before the moth invasion. Oh, and I’m knitting Pettine with a friend. And I’ll be starting Embossed Leaves socks for a monthly sock group I’m in. (I’m looking forward to Socktoberfest because I’m actually going to participate this year. Too bad it’s such a busy month for me or maybe I’d get more than one pair of socks knit.)

  3. That shawl is just beautiful, I know it will be a treasured gift for the bride! Love the color of the sweater, and the socks are colorful (love the little sock stitch marker)!!

    I’m working on (still) my first pair of picot edge socks, working on the heel flap of the 2nd sock … my only other WIP right now is the Traveling Woman Shawl I started last Thursday (and I’m proud to say it’s a bit more than half done).

  4. Don’t you think you’ll have enough yarn for the sweater? The specs on ravelry say you will. Good luck with the shawl. It’s coming along really well. I love the sock yarn you’re using, too.

    On my needles actively: the Acanthus Shawlette, a pattern which demands full attention, but is really worth it. And then fixing an EZ afghan attacked by moths. Because of the short rows in it, larger sections need to be reknit than one would think.

  5. The wedding shawl is just beautiful! What a lucky bride. Que Sera is a pattern that has caught my eye as well.
    Right now I’m working on finishing a mohair shawl I started 5 years ago. The pattern is very simple, but the yarn is cobweb weight. I’m realizing this is not my favorite yarn to work with. I also started the Transverse sweater from IK using stash yarn. My travel in the car knitting is a pair for mittens ( hopefully no rush on these). In the wings, the Lace Caplet wrap from the cover of Vogue this summer. This I need by Nov. 13th so I better cast on today and get knitting!

  6. Wow! That shawl is magnificent. Hannah’s sweater will be perfect for those chilly November days. What a cozy blue.

    Me? I’ve got the Inca Marl Ruffled Coat cast on, but little done since the school year began. I’ve also cast on the Percy shawl and a pair of stockinette socks. BUT, I’ve lost the first sock I knit. I cannot find it anywhere. I’m in a bit of a panic as they’re meant to be a gift for my cousin. I don’t think I’ve knit a stitch in over a week = damn work.

    Happy Hump Day, Carole!

  7. Que Sera! I’m trying to haul ass on it as I really, really, really want to move onto something else. I’m at the armscye. YAY!
    The shawl looks like it’s moving along well and it’s GORGEOUS. That should keep you going. You’ll finish, you will. I know you. 😉

  8. Oh it all looks great Carole! I’ve got Cradle Me (inspiration from you) due for a 10/3 shower and a second hat for a cousin in chemo. Got to start surfing for the next sweater!

  9. What a lucky bride! You know you will finish it. You seem to be a great “dead-line” knitter.

    And yes, every knitter needs some mindless socks on the needles at all times.

  10. Yah, there’s this little blanket I’ve been working on! I really need to start a down-time, take-along project, as the blanket has grown too big. Your socks are fun!

  11. Beautiful shawl. I’m working on four mittens for two granchildren; two in the “bubble” patten and two in votter…they both wanted bright pink but one wants lime green with the pink and the other wants yellow. I think they will glow in the dark but at least they won’t be lost in the snow. I also have purchased yarn for the Que sera for my dauthers Christmas present. Of course I have socks on the needles too! I seem to be getting very good at knitting two rounds and then eating some chips…a hard technique to master but will be publishing a white paper on the subject soon!

  12. All three projects are lovely! The sock yarn is beautiful, will you share the name/source?

    I am working on a baby blanket for donation (my “social/travel/knitting night” project) and the Modern Lace Henley (from Knitty) out of red Wool Bamboo for myself.

  13. On the needles: Christmas vest for the third grandchild in a family (the sweater and shrug for #1 and #2 are complete), Civil War Shawl (languishing while said Christmas knitting happens), and several socks.

    The Fiore shawl is stunning! What a perfect pattern for a wedding shawl…she’ll be gob-smacked!

  14. Three more great projects. I really love the shawl and the little sock stitch marker is adorable. I hope that your Que Sera moves faster than mine. I’m down to one sleeve but it’s gonna be a while.

  15. Gorgeous projects! That shawl looks so soft and pretty! Love your new socks too (and the previously finished ones too, btw!)

    Happy Knitting!

  16. So glad you updated! I’m not knitting a THING (consistently, anyway) and it’s about to drive me crazy. But college football starts this weekend and that means it’s time to cast on for a new sweater!

  17. Lovely, all three. You always seem to have the prettiest sock yarn. Despite my (umpteen) unfinished projects and the heat, I couldn’t resist casting on for boxer shorts in sock yarn for my daughter.

  18. That Que Sera looks fantastic — the cobalt blue and the texture together is swoon-worthy! I have a Daybreak shawl on hold until I can find the “perfect” contrast color for the stripe, knitted up to where the color B would start. Moved on to a Springtime in Philadelphia beret, which will be for me unless I decide my coworker would wear it better. Other WIP’s in the background, but I knit so slowly, they’re not going to get WIP-ed out anytime soon.

  19. The shawl is AMAZING!! Also, Que Serah will look so cute on Hannah! Does she know your knitting it for her? I am knitting a sweater right now. It is called “Provence Marl Empire Waist Cardi”. Since I am the “World’s Slowest Knitter” I figure I should be done with it right about winter-time (although the color is light purple) and it looks more like a spring sweater. Oh well, I could just say I’m ahead of the seasons with it LOL!!

  20. Gorgeous shawl! Of course, you can do it! You’re Carole, after all. Can the sweater for Hannah be 3/4 sleeves? ;^)

    I’m still battling with that stupid Niebling and planning on doing a baby blanket next. He’s due next month. I’ve got plenty of time, right?

  21. Everything looks so beautiful, and I know you’ll finish that shawl in no time.

    I’m still slogging away on the same old stuff…

  22. Beautiful shawl. I think it will be gorgeous for the bride. I am wildly knitting a pair of socks for my dad’s 80th birthday. It is next Friday, the 10th. Yikes I am in trouble on this one. I had originally hoped to spin the yarn and then knit the socks, but that was an epic failure, so I am knitting them with Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport because it is a bit thicker than my usual fingering weight…and gives me a better chance to get them finished. Like your shawl, there is a deadline and therefore they will be done!

  23. That wedding shawl will be perfect. Lucky bride!

    I’m a big believer in presenting sweaters at the change of seasons. You have time. And if you do run out of yarn, someone will have a ball to send you. I feel good about that one.

    Aren’t socks just the ticket for settling a rough day? What’s that yarn? Gorgeous!

    I’m finishing a bunch of projects lately. Sock toes, working ends in on mitts, doing a few more rows of a seemingly endless fine gauge blanket… I have one fancy lace shawl on the needles but haven’t had the time or brain power to work on it for weeks. Just grabbing a few moments here and there when home to work in an end or two. Bus/walk/stand in line project is a k1p1 muffler, totally mindless, in ugly yarn that I’ll overdye. The socks are belated birthday presents and everything else is destiny free, probably teacher gifts. The concert season is about to start so I need to plan a pile of small mindless projects for the drive there and back and intermission. DH and I both need more socks so it will probably be that. Boring but essential knitting. Now beadwork, that’s where my creativity is lately — working on a little animate bowl in muted shades of mauve and purple.

  24. All your three projects are so beautiful.
    I am still working on the Hamamelis and the Blue Jeans shawl since June. Seems like I have been knitting only shawls lately.

  25. look at you go! I ignored ravelry FOREVER and then, and then… I got hooked on a couple of the forums checking on “friend activity”… have found some interesting things there. That shawl is Gorgeous! And I love your little sock stitch marker…

  26. It looks as though you must be pretty close to the end of the shawl. Of course, I guess it is deceiving when those rows get longer each time. We have faith in your ability to finish it though. It is gorgeous!

  27. Love that sock yarn! I have a pair of socks from Pagewood Farms Denali in the Crayon colorway that are very, very similar. They are one of my faves.

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