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Lady Bertram Shawl

I had an opportunity on Monday evening to make a quick trip to Cape Cod with Dale. He had a band job and I made plans to meet a college friend for dinner. At the last minute I grabbed my finished and blocked Lady Bertram shawl and my camera and threw both in the car. I’m awfully glad I did. The beach was absolutely picturesque – the light was lovely, and a softly worn fence provided the perfect spot to showcase the shawl. I took a bunch of glamor shots!

Lady Bertram 1 blog size

The one that shows the whole shawl.

Lady Bertram 2 blog size

The one that gets a little closer.

Lady Bertram 3 blog size

The one that looks like it was casually tossed over the fence.

Lady Bertram 4 blog size

And that one that’s very similar but just different enough that I wanted to use it, too.

Lady Bertram 5 blog size

Finally, there’s the one that shows a nice close up of the lace. What I really love, though, is the blurry beach in the background.

The pattern, from Wendy Knits, is fantastic and a great first time lace project. The yarn, a blend of merino, cashmere and nylon from Ball and Skein, is wonderful. It’s soft and a fabulous shade of tomato red. I blocked the edges straight across rather than pull out the points and I really like it this way.

It’s the perfect shawl to throw over your shoulders while strolling along a Cape Cod beach.

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  1. Beautiful! Perfect place for a photo shoot! It really allows the shawl to shine and pop that wonderful red color.

  2. Magazine quality shawl and photography!! Just beautiful! Wendy Knits patterns are one of the best–Anne Hanson is my other favorite!

  3. Beautiful shawl, and the setting is just perfect. How nice that you have weather cool enough to enjoy your shawl. I just finished Brandywine and can’t even think of wearing it yet.

  4. Beautiful. It reminds me a little of the Shetland Trader Aestlight shawl I just did in natural cotten and linen. Now I know what my next shawl project is going to be!

  5. It looks beautiful!! Wasn’t it a great knit? I loved it. Beautiful pictures, Carole. The grey really sets off the reds.

  6. Absolutely beautiful shots, Carole! This is a shawl I think even I might be able to handle and will put it on my list.

  7. Beautiful, and I love the contrast between the vibrant red and the washed out neutrals of the fence and sand. Great choice.

  8. sounds like a perfect evening to me – the first shot’s my personal fav, but they’re all stunning. Love that tomato red! I bet you look gorgeous in it with your summer tan.

  9. I’m getting married next May and I have been looking for an easy-lace shawl pattern for the wedding. This may just be the one! I LOVE the shawl and also where you took the pictures of it!! BEAUTIFUL!

  10. Your shawl is great! I admire people who knit solid or semi-solid yarn, I myself can’t help it, when I have the choice I always take very colorful yarn instead of semi solid. But the pattern turns out very nice in semi-solid. It was a good idea to take pictures at the beach!

  11. That’s such a beauty! The red vs the beach is a really nice way to highlight the FO. Judy yarn must feel SO good in that shawl.

  12. Great pics! I knitted Wendy’s “Argus” pattern and found it to be a really nice knit, too–a group of us did a knitalong and the first-time lace knitters found it pretty straightforward. She does good patterns.

  13. I love your shawl—liked the edging better as you blocked it! The photos are perfect, with the beach setting and all. I really want to make that shawl now!!

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