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Ten On Tuesday

I don’t know about you all but my To Do list is about to explode. Carrie told me yesterday that the secret is to cross things off faster than you add them but she hasn’t mastered the ability to do that and neither have I. This is all just a convoluted way of saying that today’s Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Things On Your To-Do List.

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  1. Finish the library budget for FY 2012. The numbers are all plugged in but I need to write the narrative. Sadly, the numbers are still low and that doesn’t make writing the narrative any easier.
  2. Send out our Christmas cards. This needed to be done yesterday.
  3. Wrap Hannah’s gifts. I really want them all wrapped before she comes home . . . tommorrow!
  4. Bring my Kindle to work. I had a fun discussion at a work meeting yesterday about Kindles and Nooks and eReaders so I said I would bring in my Kindle to let people see how it works.
  5. Fix the button bands on my Twist sweater. The bands on this sweater are wavy and it has always bugged me – to the point where I don’t even where this sweater. When I reorganized the craft room I found two more skeins of the Peace Fleece I used to knit it so I’m determined to rip out those button bands and knit them again.
  6. Make Peanut Butter Balls. These were on my list for last weekend and I put them off. I definitely need to do them this Friday.
  7. Buy 2 gifts for the Yankee Swap at the Kiwanis meeting this week. This isn’t difficult as I’ll probably just do $10 from Dunkin Donuts and $10 from CVS but I need to make sure it gets done.
  8. Set up and decorate the Christmas tree. Probably Friday night on this one.
  9. Make a doctor’s appointment to look into the heel pain I’ve been having. I’ve self-diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis but I suppose it might be good to have it checked by someone who actually graduated from medical school.
  10. Submit the Kiwanis monthly reports. I’ve only been secretary for 2 1/2 months and I’m already behind. How did this happen?

Yikes! That’s only the really important stuff!

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  1. I made peanut butter balls using the Smitten Kitchen recipe yesterday. It isn’t hard, but even with such a simple recipe the stand mixer is a godsend!

  2. I think I’ve reached a point where a “To Do” list is a must! That will be #1 today, make a list. #2 write my Christmas cards. I’ve had them since Thanksgiving weekend!!

  3. Isn’t great when knitting isn’t under a deadline when you’ve got all those other things to do?

  4. Hey Carole,
    I had/have plantar fasciitis. The podiatrist did cortisone shots in both feet a time or two, had me wear a “boot” at night to keep the foot at a 90 degree angle for a while She also had me get shoe inserts (custom made). The boot helped somewhat with that first painful step in the morning but the thing that helped the most was getting shoes with serious arch support. I bought Sanita clogs and love them. I swear that did the trick. Dansko shoes are pretty much the same thing.

  5. I’m curious…why did you choose Kindle over any of the other e-readers? I want to buy an e-reader but am having difficulty deciding which to buy.

  6. I had my budget hearing yesterday and it is just not getting any easier! At least there was an increase for next year. Remember when I had plantar fascitis? I did pt for about 2 months and it really helped along with the inserts (I got mine at Walmart). That is why I spin with a shoe on now. But remembers, it is REALLY helpful when you have a Doctor telling you to buy new shoes…talkes away a lot of guilt!

  7. Now that IS a list! I really dislike being behind in work related paperwork, and yet I invariably am! My students have suggested that I stop giving them assignments so I can catch-up! Yeah, well…. Good luck with crossing at least ONE thing off that list today! I bet you could knock that narrative out in no time!

  8. My mom, and now my oldest sister, have always made pb balls for Christmas…one of our cousins in Ohio just told us on FB that they are properly called Buckeyes. I’m not going to change what I call them, though!!

    Hope you make good progress through your list!

  9. You have so many important things on your list. I’ve given up any club or group that demanded I take on a leadership role. Thank goodness my to do list is only of minor concerns like- buy apples. 😉

  10. Carole,
    I have suffered with planter fasciitis for twenty years on and off. I am a hairdresser and the standing in one place doesn’t help 🙁
    But, this time I finally bought a night splint…. I had relieve in a few days. It took about four weeks of wearing it but NO pain now. My insurance paid for part of mine. I have seen the same thing in FootSmart catalog for half the price. Good luck!

  11. Sigh… My list is too long to even think about. So I’ll tell you something good instead. Yesterday I wore my Carole’s Picot Edge Socks for the first time. They are so comfortable and fit so well! I hated to take them off. When things calm down in January, I want to knit another pair!

  12. I ditched the cards this year – no time. I’ll send a shout out on facebook. Hubbys wants cards to go out – I told him to have a blast with that.

    Got lots of wrapping done last night. Still more to do – thank goodness for gift bags.

    I think we are doing the cookie baking with my mom this weekend. I look forward to that.

    I keep attempting to decorate the tree each evening but I fear this won’t happen till Friday. I guess it’s good – it gives us a few less days to chase the kitten from playing with the ornaments.

    Plantar Fasciitis – ouch. Had that. It comes and goes. Never went to the doc but I borrowed the “boot” from a friend to sleep in and it was too claustrophobic for me to deal with. The stretching was very helpful though. I have heard of so many people with that lately. What’s up with that??

  13. I really ought to keep a more formal to-do list like Lindsey does but putting together a to-do list is item 11 on my mental to-do list. Love the snow on your blog again. It always makes me smile.

    I got a nook for Hanukkah and I love it so far. Best part – I can borrow books from the library with it.

  14. Hmmm… I guess that my #1 item on my “To Do” list would be to make a to do list. *sigh* Good luck, it sounds like you have an action plan formed.

    I’m sorry your feet (foot) is bothering you and hope that it feels better soon.

    And, after the holidays, when things are quieter, would you mind posting the peanut butter ball recipe? Sounds very yummy.

  15. To-do lists are annoying, aren’t they? But, oh, so necessary if we are not to forget anything.

    I keep hoping to see my blog in the “participating this week” list. ::hint hint::

  16. Oh God, please send another 12 hours per day between now and Christmas so that I can complete my list! And the tree is leaning so badly that we’re going to have take it down and start again. OY!!!

  17. Don’t feel too badly, I was the secretary for my fiber guild for two years, attended all the meetings, took detailed notes, and never once wrote up the minutes! I was horrible! I fired myself!

  18. Your list has a few things that my list would contain…but, I am not going to worry about iit – it will all get done!

  19. Ah, where IS my list?! I am so far behind that I am afraid to look at it. I did decide to ditch the Christmas cards this year…lack of time and lack of postage money are the root of that. We are having a very tight Christmas beause my business will be taking a 30% revenue cut effective January 1, and I decided that this was one of many ways that we were going to cut back this year….funny thing is that I am receiving very few this year and wonder if my usually early Christmas cards were the reason that I received any. The good thing is that our tree is already up and decorated (we have an artificial tree because our forced air heat is so dry that it became ridiculous and this year it was nice to know it wasn’t an additional purchase). Nor I really have to clean the house and empty that back bedroom for my older son, who is moving back home on Friday. Yikes!

  20. I have been getting caught up with my list pretty much. Writing the cards is one item and sorting and filing some year-end papers.
    The Kindle/e-reader discussion at your work would be interesting to follow. I am looking into e-readers and am just as curious as Kate to find out what made you decide to get the Kindle. I have been thinking that I would be stuck to Amazon only. I am a big Amazon customer and do read their Kindle edition books with my ipod apps. I am very tempted to buy one as my own x-mas gift (have hinted Amazon giftcards to everyone…)

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