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Ten On Tuesday

Now that the holiday season is behind us I’m sure some of us are feeling overwhelmed by things. Too many things! And perhaps we even want to purge our life of some of those things. But there are also things that can be quite important to us. In that spirit, this week’s Ten on Tuesday topic is 10 Things You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without*.

  1. My laptop. It connects me to all of you. It is essential for my job. It probably will need to be replaced at some point this year but I can’t picture my life without a laptop.
  2. My camera. Seriously, I never expected to feel this way about a camera and photography but it’s very important to me.
  3. My iPhone. I’ve said it before but it’s true – I have an unnatural fondness for this particular piece of technology.
  4. My yarn stash. Can all that yarn count as one thing on this list? Sure it can. There’s some pretty great stuff in my stash and I love it all.
  5. My spinning wheels. Okay, I can narrow this down. My Schacht Matchless and my Reeves. I love the Canadian Production Wheel and the Lendrum is useful because of the Woolee Winder but it’s really the Matchless and Reeves that I would consider essential.
  6. My Kindle. I took a lot of heat from my fellow librarians for this purchase (because of the proprietary nature of the device) but I stand by it and I love it.
  7. My appliances. I’m lumping them all together but I love my stove and refrigerator, my microwave and my coffee maker, my washer and dryer and my storage freezer in the garage. All of these things make my life infinitely easier and I appreciate living in a modern world.
  8. My Sirius radio. I actually did live without this for a couple of weeks recently because I (long story) tripped on the antenna wire while getting out of the car one night and I broke it. Let me tell you, I missed the thing and was not happy about radio with commercials. I know there’s Pandora on my iPhone and Audible books on there too, but I missed my Margaritaville radio!
  9. Google Reader. It took a long time for me to give up on Bloglines (and I’ve heard that the new Bloglines is good) but once I adapted to Google Reader I decided I like it better. It’s faster, it’s available on my iPhone, and it works all the time. I never could say that for Bloglines.
  10. My new exercise bike. This isn’t really something I don’t want to live without right now but I’m putting it on the list because I’m working towards loving it. Or at least accepting that it will get me where I need to be. I appreciate any and all encouragement on this.

* I want to point out that I am well aware that all things are replaceable and if I suddenly lost every thing in my life I would survive. It’s people that really matter and I’m just having fun with this list. I feel the need to say this in the spirit of not tempting fate.

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  1. Since you said 10 “things” I think you list is spot on. People in our lives are just that: people. I did do a chuckle when you said appliances, but you know I don’t know what I’d do without them. When my microwave broke several years ago, my DH laughed every time I tried to cook or heat something in it. I love to steam veggies in the microwave!

  2. Your list looks pretty good to me. We are lucky enough to live in a first world nation and that does include an affection for our first world things. I kept most of the tech toys off of my list, but even so most of my items were powered by electricity.

  3. Your list could almost be my list. Love my yarn stash, Sirius radio in my car, laptop, and I realllly love my iPhone. Need to check out Google Reader and on my list this year of new “things” is a really good camera. Love to
    get into some good photography. Did you take a class or read a particular
    book? I am thinking about a Kindle…..hard to replace a hard cover book….
    it must be my age!!!

  4. You selected a fun topic for this time of year – the purging time (purging all kinds of excess!). Like you, I love my storage freezer. Oooh, an exercise bike at home. Niiice. I love my exercise equipment, but my exercise video collection?? Time for me to purge THAT! Buns of Steel?? really!

  5. Many of the things on your list I agree with but there is one I would add; I love instant netflix. The options of actually good shows (which for me usually means BBC) while knitting is wonderful.

  6. moving out made me re-evaluate those things that i “can’t live without.” and they include: my laptop, my camera, my knitting needles and hooks, my wheel, fiber and yarn (not the whole stash), my iphone, a coffee maker (heh), books (and now my new kindle). you get the idea. heh.

  7. No need to apologize for loving technology that makes our lives easier! I’m sorely tempted to get a neatreceipts that scans receipts and invoices , and automatically enters them into categories in the computer for keeping track of business expenses. It seems lazy but it’d get rid of a task I hate.

  8. There should be an understood clause to include knitting needles in with yarn stash. Otherwise, there are only so many cat’s cradle games one can play ! 🙂

  9. Those fruit slices look delish! It’s funny but every time I put those out on the table they turn all the grown-ups into kids searching for their favorite flavor and eating the edges first.

    Anyway, you’ve got another great list. I can’t believe that I didn’t put XM radio on mine. Every time my budget feels the pinch I think about how frivolous it is but I just can’t part with it.

  10. My first 10 on Tuesday list! I hope to be able to play more often now that I’m retired. 🙂

    I have the Kindle app for my iPhone, and it’s fine for my eyes at this point. Too many gadgets to carry around make me crazy. 🙂 Also, I wanted to recommend that you find an app that gives you a workout using “beats per minute” – I downloaded one for walking in the park that’s really been helpful. It gives me an interval workout using upbeat music and makes the time fly (and the miles pass quickly, too).

  11. great list – and I’m with Margene about your photo…. they look absolutely divine… do tell, where did they come from?

  12. I’m feeling guilty now… I said my fridge was one of my favorite things in my house but now I’m remembering how much I love my washer and dryer!

  13. Ahhh…you remembered to list your camera and I forgot! But, it is another thing that should be on my list…

    Great list!

  14. love your list! isn’t it great how much we all rely on technology?! there were lots of iphones and computers and internet-related things. I’m amazed how much all of that has become essential for us 🙂

  15. You were right – similar lists! So now that you are a Google Reader convert and iPhone lover, what are you using to read blogs on your iPhone? I bought MobileRSS and they changed the interface and I don’t like it so I’m using the free version of Bylines right now and am pretty happy, but I’m always curious what others are liking.

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