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Valentine’s Day!

Today is Valentine’s Day and, while some people may think having the holiday fall on a Monday is a bad thing, I happen to think it provides a unique opportunity to celebrate all weekend long.

So that’s what we did.

I planned a romantic evening for us for Friday night, complete with a delicious dinner and other specialties.

We ate on a card table in the living room where the glow of candles and the warmth of the wood stove provided a wonderful atmosphere.

The pomtinis weren’t bad at all and the shrimp cocktail, filet mignon, baked potato and asparagus were pretty good, too.

The dessert, though, was the most festive part of the evening. I made chocolate dipped strawberries and heart-shaped chocolate dipped brownies. They were decadent, I tell you!

We spent Saturday running errands together and then went to a Valentine’s Dance in the evening. Sure, Dale had to work with the band but nothing is more romantic to me than seeing him sing and dance on stage – it’s how I first fell in love with him, after all.  And we manage a dance or two for ourselves, as well, so it was a pretty nice evening.

On Sunday we continued with our quest to see all the Best Picture nominees by watching Toy Story 3 at home in the morning and going to see The King’s Speech in the afternoon. I’ve now seen half of the BP nominees and I’d be hard pressed at this point to pick between True Grit and The King’s Speech. I’m still holding my judgment until I’ve seen them all, though.

And now it’s  Monday, and it’s Valentine’s  Day, and I have memories of a great weekend to savor.

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  1. Enjoyed True Grit but the Kings Speech gets my vote. You could just feel the emotion. The Fighter, not so much. Still nothing quite beats “the claw”.

  2. DH loves brownies and chocolate. He’d be all over that dessert, and those sprinkles are the cutest thing! HVD

  3. What fun!

    We spent the weekend celebrating, too – but Valentine’s Day is all about my daughter’s birthday at our house. And this year is Sweet 16!

  4. You are such a romantic and your weekend sounds lovely!!
    This morning I opened the fridge to fix my lunch and there on the shelf was a plate of chocolate dipped strawberries!! What a surprise! The biggest surprise was Smith DIPPED THEM himself!!! I nearly burst into tears.

  5. Whoa, those brownies look gooooood! (Must not make brownies, must not make brownies…….) Hmmm, maybe your jalapeno poppers instead.

  6. Wow! You really know how to celebrate. Those brownies look amazing.

    I still have to see True Grit but we really loved The King’s Speech. I saw it with the girls and it really left an impression. They still talk about it so much that poor Bruce is dying to see it. One of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time.

  7. We watched Inception yesterday. Have you seen that one yet? It’s a workout for the brain, and it’s certainly clever writing, but Best Picture nominee? In my opinion, that’s a stretch.

    Next up will be Toy Story 3 from Netflix, and we’ll try to see the The Fighter and Black Swan before the big day.

    Although I also loved True Grit, I’m leaning more and more towards The King’s Speech!

  8. I love to hear all my favorite bloggers talk about their love for their husbands . Lots of us knit bloggers are really lucky at marriage!

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