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Ring and Things

Wednesday morning, while getting dressed in the dark, Dale knocked over my jewelry holder.  Bless his heart, he picked up all the earrings and rings and assorted baubles by the light of his cell phone. When I got up I was struck by the jumble of jewelry and I snapped a photo.

That pile sparks so many memories for me. There are the big star earrings I bought on my trip to Vegas with Jessica. There is a rhinestone open heart pin that belonged to my mom. My Pandora bracelet is there. Some charms I bought for myself, some charms were gifts from Dale and Hannah but all of them are special and unique. Also in the pile is my Kiwanis pin and the big silver hoops I bought last summer during our Cape Cod vacation. There’s nothing of any significant monetary value there but the sentimental value is off the charts.

This certainly isn’t all of my jewelry, just the things I wear on a regular basis. Also missing from that collection are the rings I wear daily – my engagement and wedding ring, my knitters thumb ring, and my new stack rings from etsy seller deliasthompson, who came highly recommended (and rightly so) by Bev.

I suppose I take my jewelry for granted, wearing various pieces when the mood strikes or when something matches my outfit. Honestly, though, it says a lot about who I am.

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  1. Yes, that song will be stuck in my head and your ears WILL be ringing in a few ours. Love you! <3

  2. Please show me what a knitter’s thumb ring is. I think that I might need one. 🙂

  3. Funny how my jewelry choices have changed. When I was working, my jewelry complimented what I wore. Now, it’s my sterling ball stud earrings, watch and sterling ring. Sometimes I wear a necklace, my favorite is my sterling nantucket basket. Not a big one, but a small open one that my DH surprised me with on a trip to Martha’s Vineyard. I think I need to break out and check out my jewelry stash this summer!

  4. Great pic, I love all the colors/textures! It’s funny how a certain piece can bring you right back. Sometimes I will look at certain earrings and realize that I’ve actually been wearing them for over 20 years! Holy cow – and I remember the exact circumstance as to why they were purchased, or a if they were a gift. I guess that makes them little time capsules. 🙂

  5. Love this! I have my favorite pieces I wear every day – if I don’t, I feel naked – and the things I change around, like my necklaces.

  6. I love the photo! I have little bowls around my bedroom and one on my kitchen counter to collect my bracelets. I’m seldom without one. My oldest girl wrote a poem about hearing me coming in each morning to wake her up and how the sound of my silver bands comforted her. I love that while they hold my memories, they’re already making memories for my girls.

  7. I’ll add my voice: what is a knitters thumb ring?

    I’m so glad you liked Delias’s work! I wear my necklace from her all the time!

  8. Jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive to be treasured and valuable. You have love attached to every piece you wear. That is the most precious gift. Enjoy it.

  9. Next time you vacuum, make sure you sift through the bag/canister afterward. I found a pearl stud in mine and still don’t know where the other one is. /sigh

    I wanna see the stack rings! I really like that etsy vendor’s shop.

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