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Berger Shawlette

In my effort to create more small, wearable shawls, I knit myself a Berger Shawlette. I started on 2/25 and finished on 3/20, making this a perfect little project.

I will pause now so that you can reflect on the time elapsed from finishing this shawl until posting about this shawl. Part of the problem has been the weather. It’s been rainy or windy more days than not. Part of the problem has been location. I didn’t want to shoot the photos of this shawl in my back yard but rather wanted to take them somewhere special. And part of the problem has been my memory. Several times I have forgotten to take the shawl to work with me so that I could photograph it down by the pond near my office.. One day I remembered the shawl and the camera only to discover that my memory card was at home.

Yesterday, though, it finally all came together. I didn’t get pictures at the pond but rather at the very old cemetery up the street.

The iron fence made a great place to display the shawl.

And the overcast weather made some great lighting conditions.

The yarn is Kim’s Kashmir, a merino/cashmere/nylon blend in the color Victorian Hydrangea.

It was a pleasure to work with and I love the blend of soft greens and roses.

How about a couple more glamour shots?

I guess these photos were worth waiting for. And now I can finally wear my shawl.

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  1. The photos were worth the wait! Talk about April showers! I hope this means we will have beautiful May flowers. I already faved the pattern. Both the colorway and pattern are enhanced by your knitting.

  2. Great project and great background! The memory issue – it happens to
    all of us eventually! Haha!

  3. Just beautiful, Carole! And I love the photo styling too – it really shows off the colorway wonderfully!!

  4. Beautiful photos! Love the colors in Kim’s yarn. No one dyes better, more subtle and beautiful yarn. You’ll love wearing Kashmir around your shoulders. Nicely done on all fronts!

  5. Let’s see: a beautiful lace shawl in Victorian Hydrangea on an old cemetery wrought-iron fence. Yep, everything belongs. Photo op!

    Lovely shawl, lovely shots. Well done!

  6. Beautiful shawl. I know what you mean about photo diffiuculties. I have a whole bag of knitted objects that I keep taking over to Mom and Dad’s house to get photographed. Every time I make it over there, it rains and/or snows!! Terrible light conditions.

    I need to get a new camera as mine apparently has died.

  7. It’s lovely. I am laughing here, because I read your words about time elapsed, and thought you were going to give a tale of blazing needles. 3 weeks would be just enough time for me to get through the cast-on and perhaps a few repeats. 🙂 A finished shawl from Moi in 3 weeks??? I think not.

  8. It is quite lovely. I have some yarn earmarked for shawls. They really are versatile…you can wear them as scarves or as shawls – year round. Even in the blazing heat of Texas summers, shawls come in handy for the air-conditioned frozen tundra of the indoors.

    Wear it in good health!

  9. That is lovely! Kim’s yarn is so versatile. Our lighting has, indeed, sucked. But bloggers will prevail.

  10. Love it and adding it to my queue. I’m also impressed with how quickly you knit it…then again, you probably don’t a bazillion projects on the needles, do you? 😉 Love the yarn – that color reminds me of strawberries and cream.

  11. What a lovely location, and the little shawlette will be my next shawl adventure…simply gorgeous, and not too finicky, either. The color is yummy, too!

  12. THAT is beauty. I like what you did with the fence too. I think the name of the shawl does NOT do it justice.

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