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Campfire Armwarmers

Spring in New England, as many of you know, means warm-ish days and cool-ish nights. It’s  the perfect time of year for a nice pair of new armwarmers.

The pattern is loosely based on the Albina Armwarmers except that I made them much longer than the pattern calls for and I did not include the button section at the top.

Basically I knit a gauge swatch and then figured out how many stitches to cast on based on that. I knit a bit of twisted rib at the top and then switched to stockinette and kept going. And going. I actually didn’t plan to make them quite this long but I was working on them at a Town Meeting and the meeting went on and on and so did my stockinette portion of the mitts. Good thing I’m flexible about stuff like that.

The yarn is some of my handspun – I think it’s Spunky Eclectic in the color Tulips but I’m honestly not sure because it’s from back in the day when I wasn’t very good about labeling my handspun. I actually thought, back then, that I would remember it all. How ridiculous! Perhaps Manise, the keeper of all fiber clubs and colorways, will identify it.

The colors remind me of a campfire and they would be perfect to wear around a campfire – hence the name.

They are pretty and soft and just the right thing for this time of year. I love ’em!

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  1. Great colorway! I’m surprised that your gauge didn’t get tighter as you sat at a town meeting. They can usually raise your emotions. Getting out my mitts and neck scarf for a trip to Maine on Monday. You never know what mother nature has in store this time of year.

  2. I’m not Manise, but I immediately thought “Spunky Tulips” when I saw the first picture, so I concur. I spun mine into sportweight and knit it into socks that I love. These are great armwarmers!

  3. They’re beautiful and sure beat the heck out of cutting the toes off socks to make emergency arm warmers.. 😉

  4. Oh yes, that’s Tulip! One of the only colors I spun and knit, too. Your mitts are beautiful, the handspun is lovely the way it softly stripes and moves through the color. Nicely done!

  5. They’re very pretty; what kind of thumb did you make? I wonder how your standard sock top would work on this mitt?

  6. Gorgeous … and I remember that town meeting, hehe! We were even “caught” on camera knitting … perhaps we’ll start a ‘Knitting At Town Meeting’ group 🙂

  7. OH i love the colors Carol.

    I am starting a DEDICATE your blog day. Can you pass it along Carol? I will have a button on my blog later today. I think it would be fun if we dedicate the post or the entire blog to someone on monday 4.25. Who would you dedicate your blog to? Will you pass it on?

  8. I love the idea of arm warmers! It’s not usually so cold in So.Cal to need a jacket in the evening, but I like doing some gardening after dinner, and these would be perfect. Adore the color, too.

  9. What beautiful handspun–it’s like a smoky sunset. I think fingerless mitts are the perfect solution to handspun yarn–great for stockinette/meeting knitting!

  10. Wow…whatever that colorway is, I love it! I like the idea of longer mitts…now all I have to do is knit some. 🙂

  11. I love, love, love the colorway!! So bright and cheerful and from your
    handspun!!! yummy!

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