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Yarn U App & A YouTube Request

A week or so ago I was contacted by Mary Beth Klatt about writing a review for her new iPhone and iPad app, Yarn U. She offered to allow me to download the app for free if I would talk about here on my blog and I readily agreed. I will admit I was a bit flattered to be asked as I don’t generally think of my blog as popular enough for this sort of thing and I’m happy to admit that I can tell you that this is a great app for yarn lovers.

Basically, it acts as an encyclopedia of yarn for your device. You can search by yarn name, weight, or type, you can sort by name or fiber, and you can read lots of information about the yarns included. I would say that most of the big name yarns are listed and there is good, practical information on each one. There are also lots and lots of photos, both of the yarns and of projects knit with particular yarns. There is a spot where you can add comments and make corrections as well suggest more information or places that should be included.

I think this app would be very handy when visiting a yarn shop as you can access it easily and see what projects have been knit with a particular yarn. I know a lot of us are still hoping for a Ravelry app but in the meantime I think this one would be quite useful. The price, $2.99, is very reasonable for the information you get and I would recommend the purchase.

Also, Hannah has a friend from school who is competing for a role in a movie. He needs lots of views and likes on his YouTube audition video to improve his chances. Won’t you help him out?

Just follow the link and like it. Thanks!

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  1. I’m wondering if there is a comparative app for the droid? Going to check! Also, watched the video, clicked the link, voted! He’s pretty good 🙂

  2. You are on my short list of read-every-day (except Sat. and Sun., of course.)

  3. I am just entering the world of smartphones. What a boon when traveling in a busy city like Seattle! Thanks for the app recommendation.

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