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Eye Candy Friday

Another plant with a memory attached – this holly hock came from my mother-in-law’s garden. I never had great luck with holly hocks and hers were always so tall and beautiful. A few years ago, though, mine started doing really well. I think it’s because Ruthie is smiling down on them and helping them along. Whatever the reason, they make me think of her and they make me smile.

I hope you have lots to smile about this weekend!


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  1. I just love hollyhocks. FINALLY I have a few blooming. Wouldn’t you know it, last night I watched as a squirrel jumped on a tall stalk and broke it off with his weight. I went screaming at him, but not before he ate a blossom and ran away. I salvaged the blossom and stuck it in water, but am still mad at the squirrel.

    Yes, I will smile today. Thanks.

  2. Hollyhocks take me back to my childhood. We made dolls with the flowers. They had big skirts and big hats, so fun!
    I’m so happy to see Friday! New job is kicking my butt and I need a break. TGIF, grrlfriend!

  3. I love hollyhocks, and my success has been hit-or-miss. This year appears to be a miss. Poo. Yours are beautiful, Carole. Happy weekend.

  4. The color is scrumptious! I hope your weekend is full of fun! Off on another road trip – so see you hit and miss until we get back!

  5. Both my mom & my MIL had hollyhocks. And both the same rosy reddish color. That must be the most grown color or something! 🙂 When I see hollyhocks I think of them…

  6. My childhood hollyhocks came up as volunteers in the general area of the clothes line. We would hang clothes to the right of the plants, and as the wind blew the clothes would “sprinkle” the hollyhocks. It was the only supplemental watering they got, as the house had neither outside faucet nor garden hose. Amazingly, they thrived!

    Thanks for the happy memories. I loved seeing all the different color combinations open up.

  7. I love the stately appearance of hollyhocks, but, boy, do they spread! My mother said that that was why they were best suited for planting in the alley.

    Gorgeous photo!

  8. How pretty! Hollyhocks always remind me of my grandfather’s house where they showed up every summer to greet us at his front door. I have never had luck growing them either, but maybe I should keep trying and one of these days I will find that perfect spot.

    Flowers can be so powerful can’t they, at making memories and forging connections? Every year I plant Morning Glories on a lamp post in our front yard. One year I was a little late getting to it, and several neighbors gently asked about the delay. They said they look for the flowers every day on their morning walk, that the blossoms have come to define “summer” for them. After that, you can bet that morning glories are tops on my planting list!

    Have a lovely weekend!

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