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Ten On Tuesday

The topic for Ten on Tuesday this week comes from dear Mary. She suggested 10 Favorite Romantic Comedies and I jumped on it immediately. Thanks for the suggestion, Mary!

  1. I will start this list with my favorite, When Harry Met Sally. It’s the quintessential romantic comedy and I judge all others again this one. I could write 10 things I love just about this movie alone.
  2. The Princess Bride. Fantasy, romance, comedy and fairy tale, all rolled into one. Love times a million!
  3. Sabrina. I had a friend years ago who felt it her duty to educate me by having me watch classic films. We had a standing Friday night date of dinner and a movie. I chose the dinner, she chose the movie and I watched great things like All About Eve and Casablanca and Some Lime It Hot. Sabrina was one of my favorites, though, and it’s definitely a romantic comedy.
  4. Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I watched this with my friend, too, but it has a new and lovely meaning for me now that I’m a knitterdue to that famous quote, “I may be knitting a ranch house.”
  5. Pretty Woman. I love Julia Roberts and Richard Gere is super hawt and this movies makes me believe that true love can redeem anyone. Well, except for Stuckey. He’s just an asshole.
  6. Four Weddings and a Funeral. The weddings are lovely, the funeral is horribly sad, Hugh Grant is gorgeous, and Andie MacDowell’s hair is perfect.
  7. Bridget Jones’s Diary. This one has some brilliant comedic moments, especially when Bridget is chasing after Mark in the snow while wearing her tiny knickers. And, ummm, also, Colin Firth. Need I say more?
  8. Sweet Home Alabama. I have to include this one, what with the reenacting connection and all. Seriously, that scene where the reenactors are all “dead” on the field while Reese Witherspoon is looking for her daddy? No one laughed harder at that than the reenactors. I love it even though she doesn’t choose Patrick Dempsey.
  9. 27 Dresses. I like Katherine Heigl a lot and I thought this was a different take on the whole romantic comedy thing. The scene where she tries on all the bridesmaid dresses for James Marsden is a riot.
  10. Mamma Mia. Meryl Streep can sing, Pierce Brosnan cannot, but it’s all fun with Abba tunes.

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  1. Great list! Everyone of them would be on my list except 27 Dresses and Sweet Home Alabama because I haven’t seen them yet.

  2. ooohhh,sabrina and breakfast at tiffany’s are good ones. I am a huge audrey hepburn fan (have you seen charade?)

  3. Great list, Carole! Many of my favorites (although there are a couple I haven’t seen on your list). Great topic this week! πŸ™‚

  4. Ah! Fun list! Sweet Home Alabama is a guilty pleasure of mine. I’d add Philadelphia Story, You’ve Got Mail, On Moonlight Bay, and (though not a true comedy) Practical Magic. Happy day, Carole.

  5. The more I read ToT posts today, the more I just want to curl up with my knitting and watch a movie! Doesn’t help that it’s raining here today!! Fun list. ; )

  6. Great list, and a few of my favorites are on there πŸ™‚ I would add ‘While You Were Sleeping’ … though nothing can compete with ‘Pretty Woman!’

  7. No one has yet mentioned my fave, “Charade”. Of course it has ruined my life, I have never stopped looking for the Cary Grant character, or thinking I look like the Audrey Hepburn character–a really big laugh!
    BTW, I can see the comments today,but not the links, and I always enjoy those so much, and have discovered some other delightful blogs that way.

  8. Love your list! I’ve seen all of them and loved them dearly. On a side note, the participating blog listing is not showing.. just an fyi because I so enjoy visiting everyone’s list on Tuesdays.

  9. Great list, I’ve seen them all, I know, I know, I watch a lot of tv. Here are some of my favs – Love Actually, Under the Tuscan Sun, Notting Hill , Father of the Bride ( the Steve Martin version ) Ever After and my most favorite….
    Somethings Gotta Give ( this one kind of tells you I’m old )

  10. stumbled across your blog when I was looking for new knitting blogs, and fell in love with your list! When Harry Met Sally would definitely be at the top of mine as well πŸ™‚ Looking forward to trying a future Ten for Tuesday!

  11. The Princess Bride was the first movie Neal and I ever saw together…when we dated when I was 18! I don’t know how I left off Bridget Jones’s Diary–I could watch it every day and not get sick of it!!

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