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Brown & Blue Quilt

Thanks, everyone, for your compliments on the Vivian sweater progress. It’s nice that so many of you think I deserve a break from this but believe me when I tell you that I have taken plenty of breaks from knitting this sweater. I started it back in April. My goal was to have it finished by Hannah’s birthday and that was September 3rd. Whoops. My goal now is Christmas but I’d really like to have it done by Thanksgiving so I really just need to keep moving forward. So far I have resisted the call of the Hawthorne but I’ve told myself I can cast it on as a reward when I get the second sleeve finished.

In the meantime, I have finished another lap quilt. The fabrics are from a second jelly roll that I bought at Keepsake Quilting when we visited last summer and it’s totally different from the one for Hannah.

It’s all blues and browns, for one thing.

And the pattern is a more traditional block, for another thing.

I dug through my fabric stash for the border and and binding fabrics found this floral print which is perfect. I think I had bought this for a Civil war period tie for Dale but either I never got around to making it or he didn’t like the fabric. It’s all used up now, though, so too bad for him.

I also found the backing fabric in my fiber stash. This, too, was bought for Dale. I believe it was going to be a Civil War period shirt but then he announced that he would only wear white shirts and black ties because that’s what General Hancock did. Whateverrrrr. Again, it’s a win for me because I didn’t have to go shopping to buy something to go with this quilt. That meant it got finished faster and for less money. Yay.

And it’s also a win for Dale since I made this quilt for him. He Β clearly loves it and it’s much more useful than an 1860s style shirt and tie. It’s warmer, too.

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  1. Love the quilt!!! I have gotten back into quilting too. Started about a year ago. I have 3 jelly rolls that are the same. Connecting Threads has good sales πŸ™‚ I have already made 2 jelly roll quilts. Might do the one you just did. What do you cut the inner strips lenghs to? Trying paper piecing now πŸ™‚

  2. Very nice quilt and you work so quickly! At least it seems so in blog time. To bad knitting isn’t quiet that fast. 35 years ago I bought fabric for a quilt. It was an impulse I later regretted. I’ve never tried to do one stitch of a quilt. They’re best left to people who love it. You do beautiful work in putting together the pieces, the design and fabric.

  3. Beautiful quilt! My MIL is a quilter too and I think she would love this pattern. I really like how you have it quilted together too. I think my MIL calls it stippling? and she’s been having it done on her big projects lately.

  4. Nice. Can I send you all my pieces and you can finish up my king size quilt? No? Ok, fine. I guess I can actually work on it sometime.

  5. It’s lovely! I am always happy to discover I can use up something in the stash that wasn’t quite right for another project, or aggressive enough to keep my attention until I finished up what I purchased it for. Why yes, I am fickle! Curious if you have found the jelly roll strips from Keepsake to be straight? I read a couple of other quilt sagas in which the quilters didn’t find them to be very true.

  6. That is fabulous – beautiful and masculine, too. You are so talented! (And hard-working.)

  7. Such a great color combination! And, yeah, better than a shirt and tie for sure! (Bet it was more fun to sew than a man’s shirt, too. . .)

  8. Do you ever sleep? How do you get it all done????

    Lucky Dale! The colors in that quilt are gorgeous. I love blues and browns together. One of my favorite color combinations πŸ™‚

  9. love Hawthorne–it will be a great reward for finishing Vivian. You go girl– we’re pulling for you.

    P.S. The quilt is perfect for Dale, masculine and handmade!

  10. All of your your quilts are beautiful, but so far this one’s my fave. Vivian is looking beautiful and I can’t wait to see Hawthorne on the needles!

  11. That quilt is really nice. I love the brown/blue combo. I hope that you are able to start your “reward” project very soon.

  12. What a perfect gift. And he still gets the fabric you purchased for him! It’s really a work of art, Carole!

  13. Gah…I am SO far behind in blog reading! I am right there with you in the knitting department, but I think I may actually finish my Vitamin D sweater (after many rips back) very soon.

    I have a new quilting toy coming home tomorrow…..very excited! Sheesh I need to get blogging again!

  14. Carole, the quilt is truly beautiful. I love the swirls of quilting on the top. You do wonderful work.
    I must resist the urge to try quilting. I have too much yarn to work through.

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