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Log Cabin Quilt

A long long time ago I made enough quilt blocks for a log cabin quilt. And then my interests moved on to knitting and those quilt blocks just sat. And sat. Last winter I gave those blocks to my friend Lois and I paid her to put them together and finish the quilt for me. I got it back in May and I’m finally sharing the photos with you today. (These photos might be working clicking on and enlarging. Just sayin.)

This is a barn raising design and I am so pleased with how it turned out – the stark contrast between the colored fabrics and the neutrals is just what I wanted.

The fabrics are a variety of colors, black, brown, purple, and green.

Red centers are traditional for a log cabin quilt as the red is supposed to represent the heart of the home. These red squares are leftover from a Civil War dress that I made for Hannah that she wore when she was 7 and we were doing a lot of reenacting. That dress was adorable and she was known through the Union camp as the little girl in the red dress. My point? Lots of memories tied up in that fabric and I’m so glad I was able to use it and preserve it this way.

The back is a tone-on-tone blue which goes nicely with that red binding.

Lois did a marvelous job with the quilting. She has a long arm quilting machine and I love this modified feather and shell design she used. I think the swirls are a perfect match with the squares, they really soften up the look of the entire quilt and keep the eye moving.

The quilt now hangs out in our little den and the other morning I was in there reading and it was chilly enough that I pulled this quilt over me. It felt great, just the way a handmade quilt should feel.

I almost didn’t share this post today as I thought I should write something commemorating the events of eighteen years ago. But then I reconsidered and thought about what a quilt like this represents: warmth. comfort. home. love. family. And I decided to go ahead and post it because on this day in particular I’m thinking a lot about the comfort of home and the love of family and how precious those things are and how easily they can be taken away.

Let’s not ever forget.


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  1. Carol, so beautiful. Quilts are meant for love, home, comfort, warmth, family as you say and everything we need to think of, not only this terrible anniversary day, but every day. I just love quilts. Yours will become a family heirloom. Thankyou for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing the story behind this beautiful quilt. Because they take time, I think quilts often carry important stories and the comfort of home and family. What a beautiful symbol of hearth and home you have.

  3. Your quilt is just beautiful, and what it represents even more so. I hope you and your family will be warm, happy, and safe snuggled beneath it.

  4. Wow! It’s stunning, Carole! And, I just love the fabric memories it contains! (and yes, this is the perfect way to remember and reflect on what happened 18 years ago….)

  5. A second Amen here. Gorgeous quilt – love the fabrics used and your friend did a marvelous job with the quilting. Stunning!

  6. I’m so glad you posted this instead of a 9/11 thing. I started my day off by logging in to Facebook to wish a friend happy birthday and ended up watching a few 911 video clips that left me crying hard enough to give me a headache. While I’ll never forget and I’ll always remember, I can’t deal with any more sadness today. The quilt, however, is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Wow, Carole, I am so glad you have such a talented friend. It’s a beautiful quilt. My son’s BD is today, and although we always remember the horrible, we also celebrate the life that goes on. So, I think this was the perfect post.

  8. That’s a beautiful quilt! I love the quilting on the solid sections, it’s gorgeous. I don’t quilt but I am going to quilting camp in two weeks. My niece’s MIL runs it and I went 2 other times since she started it (think I only skipped one year, two at the most) but there are a few knitters and we hang out on the enclosed porch. One year, the spinning wheels came with my friend and I but this year I’m going alone and just planning to bring knitting and some embroidery and have plans to have some crochet lessons while I’m there.

  9. Oh, that’s lovely!! Log Cabin has always been my favorite quilt design. And that’s a perfect post for yesterday, and everyday. xo

  10. That quilt is simply amazing. I love the Log Cabin design and have used it in needlepoint, too. The swirling pattern Lois used is the perfect compliment to the structure Log Cabin. The events of September 11, 2001 were what brought many people to knitting and other handwork as they were looking for just what you mentioned. Home, handmade comfort, and and warmth.

  11. well of course I’m playing catchup and I was just scrolling through those lovely quilt photos and then I got to the end of the post and realize it was from Wednesday. it’s perfect. also – kudos on such a lovely finish!!

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