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Wednesdays Are For . . . Quilting?

I have no new knitting to show you. I do, however, have new quilting to show you because I finally finished the table runner for the living room coffee table. And also, 2 short runners for the end tables in there.

red table runner 3 for carole knits

You may recall that I had trouble with the maths on these. I originally thought I’d follow this pattern. Easy-peasy, basically a rail fence.  I went through my scraps and pulled out all of my reds and and started planning. But then I decided that I didn’t want to cut 1.5 inch strips so I cut 2 inch strips instead. And I happily went along and sewed my 2 inch by 5 inch strips into 2s and then 4s. And then I pressed them. And that’s when I realized that I didn’t have squares, I had rectangles.


red table runner 2 for carole knits

I set the whole thing aside and went downstairs and sulked for a while at my own stupidity. And then the next day I looked at it again and realized that I could cut 2×6.5 inch strips and attach those strips to the side of each rectangle and then I would have the square I should have had in the first place. My plan took more time than this would have if I had done it right in the first place but at least it was a plan. My friend Lois would call this a design decision.

And you know what? I wound up liking this variation even better.

red table runner for carole knits

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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  1. How pretty. And, by the way, thank you for blogging so regularly. Hardly anyone else is anymore.

  2. Your table runner is beautiful! I like the colors and the free motion quilting. Although I have been quilting for years, I still haven’t tried free motion quilting on a completed project…maybe someday!

  3. Those are FANTASTIC!!! I need some fall table runners and this simple design is so classic! You picked beautiful fabrics too 🙂

  4. I like your accidental iteration much better! Love the free-motion quilting too. Has lobes like oak leaves through out. Beautiful!

  5. Those are great! I love the colors. I’ve just gotten into quilting myself and I love to see other people’s projects.

  6. we call them “features” in my knitting classes, but we usually don’t end up with something that’s better than the original – these pieces are gorgeous! did you do the quilting too? I love it (all)!

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