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Ten On Tuesday

Last week my dear husband came down with a cold. Poor guy. On the positive side, it got me to thinking about how to care for a cold and what I do when I get one. And here we are with 10 Things You Do To Care For Yourself When You Have a Cold.

  1. Stay home from work. I’m not proposing abusing sick time but when I’m sick I stay home. And when one of my employees is sick I want her to stay home, too. Keep those germs away from everyone!
  2. Drink tea. I love a steaming pot of tea when I’m sick. Coffee has no appeal to me when I’ve got a cold or flu but I crave the warmth and taste of tea.
  3. Cuddle under a quilt I have made. There are several in our living room and it’s such a comfort to be warm and cozy under a beautiful scrap quilt.
  4. Watch bad TV. It’s a guilty pleasure to watch soaps and Lifetime movies. The great thing about those is that you can doze off and wake up and not miss a blessed thing.
  5. Nap. The only time I can sleep during the day is when I’m sick. I certainly don’t enjoy being sick but I do enjoy the rare ability to nap.
  6. Snuggle with the cat. Mason is a big time snuggler, especially if I’m not moving much. He will sleep right by my side when I’m sick and it’s a beautiful thing.
  7. Knit something simple. If I’m really sick (like when I had pneumonia back in 2010) I have no desire to knit but if I’m mildly sick it’s a nice time to knit. The process of knitting relieves my stress and relaxes me. Sometimes I just hold my knitting in my lap and it makes me feel better. I know you guys get that.
  8. Eat homemade chicken soup. Studies show it really does have healing properties. I don’t know much about that but I do know that my chicken and rice soup is utterly delicious. Making that soup is the last thing I want to do if I’m sick, though, so I try and keep some in the freezer for these occasions.
  9. Use my neti pot. I feel silly when I use it but it really does help rinse away all that gunk in my sinuses.
  10. Take Nyquil at bedtime. Sleep . . .  ahhhhh . . . sleep.
Here’s hoping we all stay healthy and none of us need to do any of this stuff this cold season!

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  1. Good ideas for self care. My neti pot would be #1. It makes a huge difference whether you can breath or not. Bad TV and a nap are key, too!

  2. I got sick a few months after we got married, and slept on the couch so as to not make DH sick, too. I remember being surprised to discover the cats (who thought I was the wicked step-mother) came over and snuggled with me the whole night. I thought they were maybe comforting me, but they could have just been capitalizing on a heat source for all I know.

  3. Definitely tea, preferably with a spot of honey to soothe the throat. Any kind of soup, and usually I get oodles-of-noodles (since that’s the only soup hubby can make). Snuggling is high on the list, and since I don’t like to spread my germs to hubby or the girls, I try to snag the dog … Daisy is not a good snuggler yet, but I’m hoping that with age will come the ability to just lie still and let me snuggle. Hope Dale is better!

  4. Please use bottled water in your Netti pot. A man here in Louisiana used water from the faucet; unfortunately, the water company had a bad day. He died from the same virus that attacks the brain that killed some swimmers this summer. ’twas all over our local news as a health alert.

  5. Good tips, one and all. Except I really don’t like tea and would substitute hot apple cider. Also we have TWO cats – makes it hard to knit when one or both are sitting on the chestal area.

  6. Two words. Hot Toddy. Well, four words. Maker’s Mark hot toddy. Of course those are my four words for ANY illness – including a stubbed toe! Happy Tuesday and make Dale a nice hot beverage, eh?

  7. Great list, especially as we approach cold season! When you have a sore throat, try this tip from a friend of mine–I couldn’t live without this one: Squeeze half a lemon into a huge teacup, add 1 or 2 T. of honey and fill the rest with hot water. The honey helps to coat your throat and the citrus is a great boost of vitamin C. Feel better, Dale!

  8. Cats Who Nurse Their Owners (no, not THAT way) — it is the newest reality TV show. My cats love it when one of us is sick. They turn into limpets.

  9. I totally get #7. We flew this past week to numerous airports, which always stresses me (tight connections, jam-packed planes, people sneezing and coughing all around me!) and my knitting was a great comfort. I was knitting a pair of socks, and often just held the knitting in my hands while reading on my Kindle. The feel of the wool and needles was so soothing.

    Hope Dale feels better quickly!

  10. My blog reading fell behind. first, your Halloween food looked awesome…I was blown away by the beautiful details.

    Loved the list of taking care of a cold ideas except for the Neti pot. There’s something about it that brings out the wimp in me. Colorado just voted down a measure to require emmployers to offer paid sick time. Guess our electorate wants to share the germs!

    Get well, Dale.

  11. Hope Dale is on the mend, and that you don’t get it too. The old saw about drinking lots of fluids might even have a basis in science: hydration allows the white blood cells to flock where the viruses live, and get them to die.

  12. Recipe for chicken rice soup please? I LOVE soup any time, but especially when my sinuses are not liking me. Hope Dale feels better soon.

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