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Free Beer!

Today Dale and I visited the Mayflower Brewing Co. in Plymouth. What an awesome place! We sampled – for free – the golden ale, the pale ale, the India pale ale, the seasonal ale, and the porter. They were all very good; I especially liked the seasonal ale and Dale liked the India pale ale. The servings were generous and the staff was really friendly and informative. We took a tour of the facility and saw how they make and bottle the beer. We came home with souvenir t-shirts and, of course, beer.

Three bottles of their Thanksgiving Ale. The question now, of course, is can we keep ourselves from drinking it until Thanksgiving???

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  1. what a great field trip! in my house, the answer to your question would be “well, depends what else we have to drink instead” πŸ™‚

  2. Fun! If you have a chance to go to Portland Maine, visit Allagash Brewing. They are friendly and generous too. There’s lots of fabulous food in Portland.

  3. OK, hubs & I would’ve been in heaven there. I’d love to taste their contents, but those bottles are worth the price of the label graphics alone!

  4. you better save those- 1 for each of us right?!

    either way i can’t wait for thanksgiving!!! πŸ™‚

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