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I’m taking the Skinny Minny Photoshop Elements Class from Kim Klassen and what you see above is my homework from day 2. It was pretty simple, really — take an image and add some text. The photo is of Savery Avenue in Carver and I have walked there a couple of times since the start of 2012. The pine trees are very tall and there’s a feeling of peace and serenity along this road. I thought for a long time about what word I wanted to use to describe the photo and finally settled on hush. I think it truly describes the feeling that comes over me when I look down that long road or up into those tall trees. I am small and it is quiet and still, almost a sanctuary.

It’s the perfect place for a walk with a friend.


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  1. I’m so glad you’re taking the class – it’s a great way to start PSE. wish I could walk that road with you. it does look like a perfect place to walk with a friend!

  2. Yes. “Hush” is the perfect word for that photo; that place. (Sounds like a great class — and a great way to learn more about PSE.)

  3. Hush…a perfect word for dealing with modern life. The road is so appealing. East coast forested areas have an entirely different feel from those in the west…very peaceful and yet wild feeling.

  4. Great photo Carole! Love the lines of the trees and the height you’ve got going in the photo. Sounds like a wonderful class.

  5. I am taking Skinny Mini too! Loving it! I also signed up for her Beyond Layers class that started Monday. I don’t think you would be too late to join. She prompts us on Mondays and Thursdays. It is going to be a fun 52 weeks. Love the photo. Nicely done.

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