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The Vivian Sweater Post

At last I have photos of Hannah’s finished Vivian Sweater. The knitting was finished back in November but I didn’t get the zipper put in until 2 weeks ago and then it took another week or so to coordinate me+Hannah+daylight+favorable weather. What a long fezzle! I think it was worth the wait, though, and I hope you all will think so, too.

I told Hannah when I finished it that this was the hardest thing I’ve ever knit and it’s true.

I’ve knit sweaters before and I’ve knit cables before but the combination of multiple charts, directions, decreases, increases, left cables, right cables, large cables, left large cables, right large cables, seed stitch and shaping all in ONE pattern made this a challenge. Let’s just say there was a lot of flipping paper around while following those directions and charts.

Just because it was hard doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it, though. It’s an extremely detailed and well written pattern and Hannah and I are both thrilled with the finished sweater. It fits her perfectly and the style is really flattering on her slim figure.

The sleeves are ridiculously long but they are also tight so they stay put and the effect seems to work well.

I bought the yarn, Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky, on my first trip to WEBS and it was a pleasure to use. It was reasonably priced, I got gauge, and the color was just what Hannah envisioned for this project – a classic, natural colored cabled sweater. It’s got a bit of a halo to it and it’s very warm, perfect for walking to and from class.

The zipper could have been a tricky business but I chickened out and had Lois do it for me. She made it look so easy! She simply pinned it in place and stitched it on the machine. The bulky yarn worked perfectly to hide the machine stitches and I think it took her about 15 minutes to get it done. I would have fussed and fumed over it and really didn’t want to risk ruining the sweater at that stage in the process. The bonus is that Lois got to participate in the project for Hannah and that made her happy.

Hannah and I had hoped to coordinate our photo shoot for the beach but her work schedule and our busy weekends just didn’t allow for that to happen. Instead we wandered into the backyard last Thursday afternoon and captured these photos. The light was a little flat and it was very cold but Hannah was toasty in her new sweater.

Our trees and my father-in-law’s shed aren’t as picturesque as the beach would have been but you know, done is better than perfect and I’m so happy that this whole thing is now officially done!

Wear it well, my dear Hannah, wear it well.

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  1. That’s a beautiful sweater! I can imagine how much tracking that took. Hannah reminds me of you in your wedding picture. 🙂

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