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Poet Society Tam

I’ve never been one to knit for Christmas, you all know that. However, if I happen to finish something in the weeks leading up to Christmas I will often wrap it and give it as a Christmas gift. Such was the case with the Poet Society Tam for Hannah.

I bought the yarn, Madeline Tosh Vintage, on my first trip to WEBS last spring and I bought it specifically for this hat. The color is called Fragrant and it makes me think of spices and warm drinks.

You may have noticed that the brim of the hat is a contrasting color. That is because the I ran out of yarn on the first attempt at this pattern. Yes, the pattern is written for this yarn specifically and yes, I ran out anyway. I was frustrated but I loved the design (I always love Kirsten’s designs) and I knew it would be great on Hannah so I ripped and restarted, using this pretty brown for the brim. I actually like the way it looks so I’m calling it a design decision.

I found the buttons in my mother’s button box and I like the way they pick up the pink tones of the yarn.

It’s a big, slouchy, youthful hat and I love the way it looks on my daughter. It goes with her hair color and it’s just her style.

Around here we call that style goofy.

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  1. It’s a terrific look on Hannah. I finished a shawl using Madeline Tosh Vintage (Byzantine) and love its amazing warmth and softness. A terrific tam for that joyful face. Lucky kid.

  2. She looks awesome! The contrasting band is inspired! Love the two colors together and cute buttons give it a cache that’s just fun! Getting goofy is a great! More people need to “get goofy” and have some fun with life!

  3. I especially love the inspired design decision! And the buttons just add a perfect finishing touch. What a perfect hat for your gorgeous daughter! (Goofy daughters are the best!)

  4. I bought her Clepsydra and Miller’s hat designs but haven’t made them yet. Sent a small amount of sock yarn yesterday – as I suspected, most of my sock yarn is still in “potential” form.

  5. I love the tam and your design decision. (May it be a warning to all of us!)

    I actually finished a pair of fingerless mitts this week that have one brown thumb – same reason! They fit beautifully and I love the knit fabric, so decided to riff on a “lack of gardening ability”, as the rest of the mitts are green.

    As my cats say when they fall asleep and roll off the furniture, “I meant to do that!”

  6. i’d call the style and the model gorgeous. Love the style–attractiveand I’m guessing, no hat hair!

  7. Great hat and I think it looks better in two-tone rather than all pink, so it’s definitely a design decision (ahem). It looks fantastic on Hannah, and I’m a big slouchy beret fan myself. That pattern has been in my cue since last Fall and I already stashed 2 skeins of MadTosh Vintage in Georgia O’Keefe for it. I love everything about it. But now you’ve inspired me to get it on the needles. (Guess I’m glad I bought 2 now – the plan was for matching mitts, but guess I might need some for the brim too!)

  8. I think it looks more interesting with the contrasting brim. I love hats like that, but I’m pretty sure it is not one of those styles that looks good on me with my super short hair. Maybe I should give it another try.

  9. Madeline Tosh Vintage is my new fave! I just used it to make an ear warmer for my niece. That hat looks great (and great on Hannah). I love the contrasting brim. Lindsey might like one and it would be a great excuse to buy more Mad Tosh Vintage. Hmmm….

  10. Oh Carole, it’s wonderful! I think the brown really adds to the hat and is such a good color combo. Well done on both the hat and the daughter!

  11. Love the hat – the colors are perfect. She looks so great in it, but then again I think she probably looks good in everything. Love the buttons also.

  12. The hat is beautiful and looks great on her. I always wanted to be one of those women who looks great in hats – like Hannah – but I always end up looking like a goober.

  13. Beautiful model, beautiful hat. Those buttons are an inspired addition to your design decision. I started Asteroidea Thursday, but will add this tam to the list.

  14. Your decision to contrast the brim is brilliant. I actually thought you had knit the buttons, the colour is so similar. I have to say your daughter has a serious megawatt smile – such vivaciousness!

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