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Ten On Tuesday

The Oscars were last Sunday night and you all know how much I love to watch The Oscars! Today I’m going to share 10 Thoughts On This Year’s Oscars.

    1. I loved that Billy Crystal hosted again. He’s funny and he’s entertaining. I sort of feel like the host doesn’t get enough air time these days, though.
    2. I loved that Meryl Streep won for Best Actress. I was torn between routing for her or Viola Davis in The Help but I think Meryl Streep really made The Iron Lady what it was and that’s why she won. And her speech was fantastic.
    3. I loved that Christopher Plummer won Best Supporting Actor. I had such a crush on Captain Von Trapp when I was young and it was great to see him honored with this award.
    4. I loved the Cirque du Soleil performance. There’s some pretty major talent in that group of performers.
    5. I loved that none of the movies really swept all the awards. Hugo, which was my favorite of all the Best Picture nominees, won it’s fair share but other movies also won in different categories and I think that’s great. It’s too bad Woody Allen wasn’t there when he won for Midnight in Paris.
    6. I loved Jessica Chastain’s dress. The style was beautiful on her and that black and gold fabric was gorgeous.
    7. I loved seeing all the dresses. I thought Viola Davis looked stunning, Penelope Cruz looked perfectly classical, and Octavia Spencer looked lovely. I was not crazy about Emma Stone’s big shoulder bow and I thought Angelina Jolie looked sickly.
    8. I loved seeing all those handsome leading men. George Clooney and Colin Firth can come right over here and sit by me.
    9. I loved the look on Ryan Seacrest’s face when Sacha Baron Cohen spilled the “ashes” of King Jung II on him. Ryan was not a happy guy right about then and I must be a meanie because I liked seeing him get rattled.
    10. I loved almost all of the Best Picture nominees. I was not crazy about Tree of Life but I thought the others were terrific. I was definitely routing for Hugo for BP but I’m not unhappy that The Artist won.

I know not everyone loves The Oscars like I do but I appreciate that you all indulge me in my fashion and movie obsession once a year!

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  1. If we’re inviting handsome actors to sit by us, I’d like Clooney on one side & Jean duJardin on the other. That man takes charming to a whole new level.

  2. I watched for about an hour before I had to go to bed. 🙁 But I liked watching the Red Carpet and all the dresses. I thought it was hilarious that they got a shot of JLo from behind. It just HAD to happen.

  3. Sacrilegious, I know, but I didn’t watch, didn’t see any of the movies and only saw a few gowns on-line the next day. My only comment would be….can’t they design a beautiful dress that isn’t strapless?” Someone should be able to do a beautiful, interesting dress that isn’t a big poof or simply nothing.

  4. I concur with all your observations. I also loved this year’s set. The design was classic and very Hollywoodesque. I loved Meryl Streep’s speech. My husband was one who groaned (he was cheering for Glen Close). I simply could not watch Angelina Jolie. Hope your long weekend was a blast!

  5. I don’t watch the Oscars Carole so thanks for the re-cap. I love Christopher Plummer who was long overdue and I am so with you on the Clooney Firth couch time!

  6. I was really out of touch with the Oscars this year. Maybe because it fell on the same night as the All Star Basketball Game (my family is a bunch of basketball nuts recently). I didn’t see any of the movies. I was hoping Viola would win because she was a local. But did you hear how Meryl Streep made a $10,000 donation to a Central Falls Charter School on behalf of Viola Davis? Very cool!

  7. I missed music… maybe there wasn’t any good music this year? Didn’t they always used to have musical performances? One of my favorites was the Colin Firth-Meryl Streep “Mamma Mia” moment… *sigh*

  8. It was so much fun to read your Oscar comments. I loved most of the gowns and appreciate that the “who can show the most skin” contest has been mostly supplanted by grace and elegance!

  9. Love Billy Crystal as host; some celebrity said that one feels in safe hands with him, and I agree. We were rooting for Viola Davis, and are still disappointed that she didn’t win. Meryl Streep has enough prizes! We’re also disappointed that Harry Potter got NOTHING. Doesn’t seem fair at all to ignore Alan Rickman. Re: Cirque du Soleil, we generally are big fans but didn’t quite get the relevance in that context. The show and the theater decoration (certainly SO much better than last year) were great, but the presentations overall were somewhat meh, in my opinion. Nevertheless, we watched to the very end.

  10. Ditto! And I love seeing the gowns, both beautiful and hideous.
    Also, I thought Tom Hanks looked extremely handsome (grey hair looks great on him!) and Michael Douglas looked darn good too.
    Not sure why 9 films(!) and only 2 songs were nominated. Something’s out of whack there. LOVED that they brought the dog on stage for The Artist!

  11. Christopher Plummer was so charming wasn’t he? Loved Jessica Chastain’s dress as well. She was a favorite character of mine in the book and the movie.

  12. I’m not a TV watching person, but I had to google Gwyneth Paltrow’s dress after a local radio personality described it as looking like a “maxi-pad.” Ick. Didn’t look that bad to me. A lot better than some.

  13. I didn’t feel quite as excited about the Oscars this year because most of the BP nominees didn’t grab me. Usually I feel like I must see them all but not this year. I did think that Billy did a great job – great to have him back. And the Oscar fashions were fabulous.

  14. Every blog post that I have read that refers to the Oscars comments on Angelina Jolie’s sickly-skinny appearance. What’s with her?

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