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Handspun Legwarmers

One of my knitting goals for 2012 is to actually knit with my handspun. To be more precise, I set a goal of knitting at least 3 projects with my handspun. Allow me to present handspun project #1 for this year:

Legwarmers for Hannah. Don’t ask me any details about this yarn because I don’t remember any. I can tell you that it’s a heavy worsted weight. And I can tell you exactly how I made these:

Cast on 44 stitches and knit in 2×2 rib for 2 inches
Switch to stockinette and continue until 4.5 inches total
Decrease 8 stitches evenly across for a total of 36 stitches
Knit until 16 inches total
Knit 5 rows of ribbing
Bind of in ribbing pattern

And that’s it.

I love the way they look peeking out of the top of Hannah’s boots. They are slouchy and colorful and will go with lots of things.

They were very fast to knit and that makes me quite happy. And they put a smile on my beautiful daughter’s face and that makes me happiest of all.

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  1. Pretty! And you managed to get the photo shoot in before flying off to warmer climes. Kudos.

  2. Nice handspun! I love that leg warmers are making a return. Reminds me of my older daughter’s ballet days. She had a pair of leg warmers,not made by me mind you, that she wore to dance class in the 80’s & 90’s.

  3. Those are adorable. They will go with almost anything and they look nice on Hannah – who also looks great and so grown up!

  4. What a fun project! They look terrific — and Hannah will have such fun wearing them. (But not in Florida!) Hannah is growing more beautiful all the time! (I always enjoy knitting for my daughter more than for anyone else. . . )

  5. Very cute! ( My family all have “shapely calves,” and we can’t even zip the tops of our boots, let alone squeeze in a leg warmer, sadly.)

  6. Well, those are certainly something! It never crossed my twentysomething mind that leg warmers would ever make a comeback. Of course, mine were all acrylic (shudder) and looked nothing as sensational as your handspun does on Hannah! They look terrific, Carole!

  7. They came out awesome, and I know Hannah will love them! They do look cute peeking out of her boots!!

  8. They look so very pretty on your beautiful girl.

    It is such a treat to knit for a daughter and then get a glimpse of this knitted garment or that little tail of another one while in heavy use, right?

  9. Leg warmers are the best! They make the cold bearable! Because yours are so bright and happy they’ll warm the heart, too.

  10. Must see if my 16 yr. old niece would wear leg-warmers! I’ve seen several pretty (and easy!) patterns recently – including yours. These are VERY nice. Not being a spinner, I won’t have my own handspun to knit from, but I do have some pretty yarns in the stash. Thank you for the inspiration!

  11. The legwarmers look so cute with the boots–gets me away from thinking about Jane Fonda…. Of course, Hannah would look cute in a gunny sack (intended to compliment your daughter, not disparage your spinningand knitting lol).

  12. These are great! Legwarmers are da bomb — daughter made several pairs for her college friends. There wasn’t much of a winter in Atchison this year, but next year, I’ll bet they’ll need them!

  13. I don’t spin yet, but I still want to knit with handspun. I will have to see if I can buy some (or finally get my spindle and find the time to actually finish my first plying).

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