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Spring Shawls

Spring arrives this week and with it’s arrival my thoughts turn to shawls. They are the perfect spring accessory, just right for cool evenings when you need a little something-something on your shoulders but you don’t need a jacket.

In the photo above are 4 skeins of yarn that I have set out to go with the shawls I have queued up for this spring. On the left is Woolen Rabbit Lucent in the color Pussywillow for Beach Glass. Next to that is Ball and Skein Sophia in the color Nyx for And So Are You. The silvery skein that’s second from the right is Blue Moon Fiber Arts 100% Silk Laceweight in the color Winter Solstice for the Aeolian Shawl. And finally, on the far right is Ball and Skein Glissade in the color Gourd for Sugared Violets.

Since taking that photo I have started Beach Glass. Casting on 388 stitches takes a looooong time but I’m moving through the charts now and loving the feel of this yarn and the way it looks in this pattern. It feels so good to be knitting a shawl again!

What are you knitting this spring?

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  1. Wow – you are going to have some real nice shawls this season! I have 2200 yards of lace that I would like to knit this summer. I’m not a huge fan of lace weight yarn so it has just been sitting there.

  2. I love Beach Glass. Can’t wait to see yours!

    I’ve got a wrap, two shawls, two socks, and a sweater going… And one very springy lace T just begging me to start. Overload!

  3. Love all of your patterns and peep yarn choices. I have all but one of them in my queue. I have a Color Affection on my needles in Plucky Primo Fingering: Blueberry Sour, Flannel and Ballpoint. I’m in the tri-color section now and the short rows are getting pretty long now. Fun all the same. Have also Cruiser (mittens) started using Barb Parry”s Spring CSA yarn- a lovely natural Upland Wool Alpaca. I am planning to knit more shawls this spring and get Leaflet done.

  4. Like you, I’ve been bitten by the shawl bug! Such great projects for knitting through the warmer months. Your line-up looks lovely!

  5. Shawls are my fall back as they’re so much easier than any other project (socks or sweaters) There is always a shawl on my needles and I want to knit each of the shawls you’ve named and 100 more! You sure have a pile of great yarn and a good match up to patterns. Way to go!

  6. Lovely queue Carole…that And So Are You looks pretty interesting to me. I’ve got Knitbot’s Schoodic on the needles but you may have just provided me with what’s next! Happy Monday!

  7. What beautiful yarns! I look forward to seeing the shawls. The only one I’ve made is the Aeolian, which I love. Are you going to bead yours?

    I discovered the 12 Shawls in 2012 group on ravelry and am on my fourth shawl so far. There are monthly and annual prizes and you don’t have to knit all 12, although I expect I will. In January I won a pattern. I like looking at all the finished projects and getting ideas (not that my queue needs any help).

    Right now I’m knitting the Revontuli shawl with Kureyon using yarnovers instead of m1’s. I’m eager to make the Debussy Shawl and Juneberry. I’ve started a Spiral Yoke Sweater in Plymouth Tweed (a sadly discontinued yarn) and am finishing simple ribbed socks for my husband with Wildfoote, a really splitty but pretty yarn.

  8. I cast on for a shawl on Saturday. I knit for about two hours and had a nagging feeling I was doing something wrong. I kept checking my stitches, but was doing everything well. THEN I realized, I cast on the wrong shawl! I wanted Westknits Blue Whale, but had cast on NImbus. Drats!

    I have had the yarn and pattern for Beach Glass for a while. It’s those darn 300 + stitches that keep my from starting. Your colors are wonderful, wonderful!

  9. GMTA! It seems wherever I sit at church there is always a cool breeze on my neck. Trying to decide what I can whip out in time for something pretty for Easter. Alas, the ‘Favorites’ are exploding with “Ooh, that one’s pretty.” ideas. As soon as I finish the little hug of a shawl I’m knitting a grieving friend it’s time for something for me! Can’t wait to see your Beach Glass.

  10. Very beautiful yarns and excellent pattern match. I too am on a shawl roll but mine are mostly garter. May add a sock or two soon.

  11. Oooh, it’s all so lovely! Great patterns, too.
    I’m knitting a hat (M’gonigle) and just started a spring-time cotton pullover that I think I might change into a cardi. That thought just came to me last night, so still developing…
    ; )

  12. Those are all great choices. I’m tied up until May but then I think I’ll do a little knitting for me and the girls. They demand more socks and I would really love a wrap of some sort.

  13. I hear your Carole. Im casting of a shawl today! It has been fun.
    I think I Love your purple ? yarn, second from the left best, but they all look amazing

  14. Lovely yarn choices and a nice lineup of projects! I have
    Beach Glass and And So Are You on my list. Right now I have
    the Wiggle Wrap and socks on my needles and trying to decide between a couple of sweaters.

  15. Knitting shawls–how perfect! Iam working on Lazy Katy (more of a scarf than a shawl), and have several yarns in my queue. it always amazes me that, in the middle of summer, most restaurants are cold enough to hang meat…so the shawls get plenty of use. For a long time, I didn’t start any shawls because there is such a wonderful plethora of patterns and I may be the dither queen! all of them look better in person than in photos, so why not jump right in! looking forward to seeing your FO’s!

  16. Those are going to be lovely shawls Carole. I knit the beach glass and it’s fun- I love the double yarnovers.

  17. (hope you’re feeling better!) love the four shawls you’re planning, especially with those yarns! (wow, LOVE the yarns!) I’ve knit two of Rose Beck’s shawls and really enjoyed the knitting – and the wearing – they’re a great shape. I think my next shawl is going to be panoramic stole (from coastal knits). my “lace” is turning into socks and garments this spring!

  18. I have 3 of those in my que. One of these days…

    I just finished the Pettine shawl. The colorway speaks Spring to me, so bring it on!

  19. Carole, I love the yarns you’ve chosen and the patterns…I have the Aeolian Shawl in my favorites…

    Right now I’m knitting a gorgeous scarf – and am going to start another pair of socks…My Spring knitting for sure includes one shawl for sure…

  20. What a lovely line-up you have there! I’ve got a Swallowtail Shawl, 2 pairs of socks, and a February Baby Sweater getting my immediate attention. I have an assortment of other WIP’s waiting in the wings – particulary a spring/summer sweater of Berroco Lindsey that I started last year and am determined to wear this year.

  21. Lovely! I have about a million shawls in my queue. I’ve gotta learn how to knit faster. 🙂 Right now, I’m working on Marjorie – I’m nearly at the point where I stop the stockinette body and start in on the lace edging. I’m knitting it in Tosh Lace and it is just divine.

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