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In My Basket

Every Wednesday, Amanda asks what we are knitting and reading right now and this week I am going to answer her question.


As always, I devote more time to knitting than to reading but every day of my life includes some of each. I am currently knitting the Beach Glass Shawl and I am enjoying every minute of it. I’m actually almost done and I’m going to miss working on this. Kim’s yarn is so soft and squooshy and the pattern is mostly garter stitch and it’s a very soothing knit.

My bedtime reading for the last few weeks was consumed by The Hunger Games trilogy but I have moved past those and am now reading the latest Hannah Swensen mystery for a bit each night when I climb into bed. I’m also perusing the other books in that pile: a new knitting book, a memoir on loss and recovery through pie baking, and a travel guide for our upcoming vacation. Some of it’s light, some of it’s inspiring, all of it’s entertaining.

Gee, that sounds a lot like knitting.

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  1. The shawl is beautiful Carole!!!! I need to check out Hannah
    Swenson mysteries. That is an author I am not familiar with!
    Can’t wait to hear about your vacation plans.

  2. Beachglass is looking beautiful. The Making Piece book looks interesting. Virginia? Colonial Williamsburg or some Virginia Beach perhaps?

  3. hee hee…i cast on for the oaklet shawl the other night and thought of you and all the shawl knitting you had planned šŸ™‚ can’t wait to see your finished beachglass!

    i must ask: hunger games. worth the read?

  4. That’s a pretty shawl! I’m almost finished the last book of the Hunger Games Trilogy, although I admit I’ve been enjoying the audiobook version. Just finished actually reading The House at Riverton and am about to start Loving Frank. As for knitting, I’ve got a little ADHD going on there. I currently have 5 WiP’s that are getting regular attention!

  5. i looked at the Beach Glass shawl and liked it…but it’s even better with Kim’s yarn. Pie baking as therapy? You’re going to have to comment more!

  6. Your Beach Glass looks lush! I’ve asked for a skien of Woolen Rabbit to knit Knitspots Pea Vines shawl as a Mother’s Day gift. We’ll see if I get it. I’ve always wanted to try her yarn. I need a new mysery series to knit to,acompany my knitting, so thanks for the lead. Happy day, Carole!

  7. the shawl is beautiful (just like beach glass!) – and like others said…need to check out hannah swensen!

  8. Love the shawl! It is so beautiful. And, Did you like the Hunger Games?????

    Like what you are reading now.

    I’m knitting a scarf and just finished Private Games by James Patterson.

  9. The shawl looks gorgeous … I’m itching to cast on for a shawl. Must.Finish.Socks. Argh!

  10. Your shawl is inspiring Carole. Love it! I have read the pie blog which is so many things rolled up into one, will have to check out the book. And the mystery series (I have been reading a lot of mysteries lately). Thanks!

  11. As usual I’m seriously behind on blog reading. Ugh! I’m about to start Catching Fire. So far so good. Movie wasn’t bad either. So tell me more about your upcoming trip. Dates! Places! Can’t wait to see you.

  12. If you come to SW VA you’d best let ME know, too!!! šŸ˜‰ Would just love that…
    Your Beach Glass Shawl is lovely!

  13. My library is trying to arrange for Beth Howard to come here (I live in Iowa—not too far from where she lives) and do a pie baking demo at a local grocery store in September. I am so excited—I am waiting for a copy of her book.

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