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It’s a Jeep Thing

One of my favorite things about summer is taking the roof off my Jeep and going for a ride.

Last Saturday I was able to do just that. The doors came off, the roof came down, the music went up and I was in heaven. There’s just something so free and easy about riding down the road this way. You can see everything, you can smell everything and I love every second of it.  I imagine it’s very similar to being on a motorcycle but due to a very personal tragedy you will never find me on one of those.

You will, however, find me riding down the road in my Jeep, grinning away, full of life, and being completely in the moment.

My Jeep.

My Joy.



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  1. I do most of my driving on a highway but as soon as I get off the pike I open the windows and the sunroof. Not as open as your jeep but still plenty fun

  2. With a motorcycle you need to keep your balance….in a Jeep you can go anywhere!! Can you bring with you when you come west?

  3. I’ve never had a convertible of my own… but someday I will fix that!! Wishing you many warm, sunny driving days!!

  4. Your jeep looks like fun. We had a convertible Mustang for a while and it was fun to put the top down and just drive. My husband told me a while back that he wants to look at jeeps when it is time for a new vehicle, so maybe one day I will totally know what you mean by “my jeep, my joy.”

  5. YAY! Love!! Congrats. We’ll be celebrating 16 years next week! (Meanwhile watching my brother’s two kids overnight tonight so they can celebrate 14 years together.) Hope you had a great getaway.

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