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Ten On Tuesday

I had a really hard time coming up with a topic this week and I hope this isn’t a lame one but here it is: 10 Things That Are Your Favorite Color. My favorite color is red and there are lots of things that come in red!


  1. Roses. Everyone loves red roses, right? Actually, my favorite color for roses is pink but red roses are a classic.
  2. Strawberries. I especially love those deep dark red ones because they are so sweet.
  3. Raspberries.  They are a bright and vibrant red and they are like little jewels.
  4. Shoes. Okay, shoes can be any color at all but there’s something terribly sexy and special about red shoes.
  5. My bike. When I chose my cruiser there was no question that it would be red.
  6. Steamed lobster. You all know how I love it.
  7. My car. I’m on my second red car and I think it’s a trend I don’t want to change.
  8. Tomatoes. We’ve got local ones now and they are the only kind I will eat. So delicious!
  9. Yarn. Of course yarn, like shoes, comes in every color but red yarn is my favorite of all.
  10. Valentine hearts. These simply must be red!
I think the best thing about the lists this week will be the variety of colors because that will equal a variety of things!

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  1. I’d have to say that blue is my favorite color, but I’m go through phases where I am drawn more to one color than another. Right now it’s shades of purple and lavender. Last year or so shades of green.

  2. Lovely reds! I’m sort of odd . . . in that I have no favorite color at all. I went through a Purple Phase in early adolescence, but other than that, I’ve never had a color preference! Basically, I like ’em all!

  3. I really liked this week’s topic.

    I was reading your post on my phone so I couldn’t see the pictures while I was reading the descriptions. When I got to the sexy red shoes part, I scrolled up to see the shoes. I laughed when I saw the Converse – I was expecting pumps! 🙂

  4. My favorite color is purple. I couldn’t think of much besides flowers and yarn though. I love the color of your car. Looks real sporty!

  5. Carole, I love the topic this week. Your reds are awesome. I wish I had more green photos to post. Thanks for a great topic. It has been so busy around here, I have missed participating.

  6. Do the reds have to be summer things? Because my favorites are the rosy cheeks of children playing in the snow.

  7. I love your reds! THe funny thing is that when I scrolled down to your June collage, there were lots of pictures that included my favorite, which is any kind of pink, particularly rose tones and fuschia.

  8. Raspberries and dark chocolate…I heart. Thanks for a fun and colorful prompt, as always.

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