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Custom Dye Work

You know what’s awesome? If you send Vicki a picture like this:

She dyes yarn to match and sends it to you.

Isn’t that fantastic? Thanks, Vicki!

Make room for me on the Color Affection Bandwagon.


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  1. Oh nice! Didn’t realize Vicki did dye to order. So what is your color order for you CA? As you have it above? It will be beautiful.

  2. She’s got the ocean, the sky and the dunegrass in those skeins! It will be lovely.

  3. Vicki is a master with color and creates perfection every time. You’ll have a lovely reminder of summer with your Color Affection!!

  4. Oh, you are so welcome! That was such a fun project… who doesn’t want to channel the beach!?! Can’t wait to see your Color Affection knit up.

  5. But… but… I want YOURS! Can’t wait to see your project. (And yes, I’ve had my eye on that yarn of Vicki’s. Just need an excuse to break the yarn fast.)

  6. I’m really tempted by Color Affection. I think I’d like to see one in the wild first though.

  7. Oh, my. Seriously beautiful. I might have to check yours out and then order some myself – I want one in the sunrise colors from the lake house!!

  8. That is amazing! She totally nailed those colors. They will make a gorgeous Color Affection. I’m not usually a lemming, but I’m getting closer and closer to knitting one myself! I’m not really a shawl person either, but I do love a big cozy scarf. Practically the same thing, right? 🙂

  9. ooohhh! LOVE those colors!! I wore my Color Affection for the first time today (yay!!) and really enjoyed it. Did you get yarn for two? they ARE addicting!

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