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Wednesdays Are For Knitting

Given the amazing night we had last night talking about knitting seems, well, anticlimactic. I’m not going to be political, I stick to what I said yesterday, but I can’t resist saying that I am happy woman this morning.

Okay, onward.

So here’s what’s on the needles at Chez Carole Knits:

October Socks. Abandoned right in mid-row. I may pick them up now and again when I need mindless knitting but in the meantime these are stagnant.

Leftie. It was moving along quickly but now those rows are getting loooooong. I’m loving it, though.

Loasa Lateritia Socks. I saw a photo of these and fell in love with the cuff and I had to cast on immediately. Now the cuff is done (it’s inside out in the photo) and I’m moving into the leg portion and I’m still loving them. Maybe there’s hope for my sock mojo after all.

What are you knitting these days?

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  1. I am knitting socks- a UFO from 2 years ago: Classy Slip-Up socks as well as Currach Stole using my CVM handspun and a Honey Badger Stuffie. The latter is a scream and a very well written pattern.

  2. Those rows on Leftie get really long . . . really quickly, don’t they? Love it, though! (I have an abandoned sock in almost the same spot as yours. I pick it up now and again — but it’s going to take a while to finish.)

  3. I’m finishing a Marigold Shawl with Jojoland Melody in orange-pink and iridescent orange beads, and have started some Hedgerow Socks in bright red Cascade Heritage. Somehow I lost the sheet with my daughter’s preferred measurements for the socks, so I’ll have to put them aside (until I can measure her again at Thanksgiving) and start my other holiday projects as well as my 12th shawl for the 12 Shawls in 2012 group.

  4. The Leftie leaves are kicking my butt…cannot knit them in public. grrr You’re so mojo never goes far, it just changes course a bit. The stripy sock looks so cool!!

  5. Three lovely pieces Carole. I’m still working on a cardi and that’s it at the moment. Will get a pair of socks going eventually.

  6. Wooly Wormhead toddler hats – so quick and cute (and appreciated by the recipient.) To finish: boxer shorts made of sock yarn, dragon mittens (cute but take forever) headband’s icord edging.

  7. 198 yards of heaven for good friends Christmas. I am on the second one and it has become very intuitive. Love your striped socks. Leftie looks interesting and I am wondering what yarn you are using?

  8. Crazy for the colors you chose for Leftie! I recall loving you Color Affection choices, too. Maybe I should have you do my color selecting for me. Or just raid your stash! 😉

  9. Lovely colors for your Leftie! I hope you’re weaving the ends as you go. I would be completely overwhelmed at the thought of having to do them all at the end!

  10. That green/purple/black sock yarn looks familiar! Your Leftie is coming out beautiful with those colors. Can’t wait to see it finished!

  11. Those inside-out socks are gorgeous, even inside-out! Beautiful color, too.

    I’m finishing a pair of Ragtops and have untold UFOs floating around that I should just make some decisions about!

  12. Love the socks and Leftie is terribly tempting! As for my knitting I’m currently working on my 17th square for the Great Aran Afghan and a cute sweater for my granddaughter. One requires concentration; the other not so much.

  13. I love your october socks – hope you get the mojo for them back because I would love to see them finished! (of course those ones with the lacy tops are cool…but I don’t think I’ve ever had a stop-everything-and-caston moment with socks!)

    I’m knitting two sweaters and feeling like I need to start my holiday knitting NOW! (or at least this weekend).

  14. LOVE the October socks. Very witchy.

    I’m meandering along on some socks that I take to orchestra recitals, staff meetings, etc. I’m about half-way done with Eustscia. This wrap is lovely, but quite dull to knit. It’s my tv knit. And I’m almost done with the set ups for Percy in red. Last year at the Christmas Eve service I told myself I would wear red lace to the 2012 service. If the bell choir is already practicing their pieces, I’d better get a move-on on this lace!

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