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This weekend was
Friday morning at the gym and
an afternoon was spent waiting
for a stressful situation to be resolved
it wasn’t
Friday night was still good
pizza and a martini bringing great comfort
Saturday was a meeting at work
followed by some shopping for smaller clothes
pie crusts for Thanksgiving were made and frozen
Saturday evening was scallops and pasta
and a manhattan or two
a Sunday morning family photo shoot for our Christmas card
wrangling a 20 year old to stop texting and pose
Sunday afternoon was prepping food for football with friends
a perfect way to end the weekend

How was your weekend?

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  1. Babysitting for my two granddaughters, 4 and 6 mos. Loves these little ladies, but I sadly realize I’m not as young as I think I am. Hubby and I were asleep in our chairs last night 🙂

  2. Sounds like a balanced weekend to me . . . except for the stressful situation. (Hope that resolves soon.) AND . . . shopping for SMALLER clothes is always exciting. <3

  3. The weekend was good – went to the movies and saw Lincoln. Excellent. Football watching yesterday and knitting! Yeah on smaller clothes – it’s great when effort shows pay offs!

  4. The perfect American family weekend, including stress, fun, drink and football! Shopping for smaller clothes must have been a thrill! You should get a charm to commemorate! Hey, Shelley’s working at P!

  5. I like your poem; here is mine:

    Pie crusts
    Smaller clothes
    Yay indeed
    Texting child
    Is better
    Than ringing phone
    Especially during dinner

  6. Yay on smaller clothes, and an overall great weekend. Hopefully that stressful situation will be resolved for good soon 🙂 And the Patriots certainly upheld their part of the good times football bargain!

  7. Woo hoo! Shopping for smaller clothes is a WIN! I can relate to wrangling the young adult (or teen, in my case) to drop the phone and get with the program!

    Stress brewing over here too, which I HATE during the holiday season. I hope yours is resolved real soon.

  8. Good, good, good for you for needing some smaller clothes! My weekend was full of girls. Sleepovers (two nights, several different girls), late-night whispering, dishes filling the sink, constant snacking. Me? I escaped to yoga both days so I could calmly and with more patience than I am known for, live through it all. Namaste.

  9. My weekend was cooking a brunch feast for a group of friends who met in our twenties while working at an ad agency (no, I don’t watch Mad Men, I lived it). Lots of laughs, especially after the pomegranite martinis. Sunday was church and Broncos. Yay, Broncos and Pats! Yay, smaller clothes!

  10. hurty. my knees are revolting against the ease to 5k program and well, exercise in general i think.
    other than that it was good.

  11. Awww your Christmas card is done! Carole, Im jealous
    THe weekend was all work ….
    I am stopping weekend night shift on Jan4th and cannot wait to return to normal people hours and days and WEEKENDS

  12. ooohhh fun! food, football and smaller clothes! and I only wish I could text half as quickly and a fourth as accurately as my 21 year old!

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